Kylie Jenner's bedroom includes a seemingly out-of-place accessory that experts encourage us to have in our sleep space

The bedroom features an accessory we wouldn't normally expect to see – but there are so many reasons it should be there

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Would you plant a tree in your bedroom? Kylie Jenner's answer is yes. The socialite's sleep space is complete with a potted bamboo tree in one of the corners.

Though houseplants commonly appear in homes, an entire tree in the bedroom takes the style a step further. Using a tree as decor takes up more space and requires more maintenance than the typical easy indoor plant. It's a bold but effective look that Jenner makes look easy in her space. 

From aesthetic properties to mental health benefits, there are a whole host of reasons why indoor trees are experts' home accessories of choice.


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First, they have a host of mental health benefits, especially when used in the bedroom. Mark Lane, BBC Gardeners' World Presenter and gardening expert at Stannah states: 'Indoor plants have the power to reduce symptoms such as headaches, sore eyes, loss of concentration and feelings of depression. Houseplants particularly can improve your mood, reduce fatigue, plus lower stress and anxiety.'

He continues, 'Your bedroom is a sanctuary for relaxation, so you need plants that purify the air while having a cleansing, calming effect on you to aid sleep.'

Mark Lane
Mark Lane

Mark Lane is a multi-award-winning landscape designer with over 20 years of experience. He is also a regular TV and radio broadcaster and a published garden writer, as well as being the gardening expert for stairlift and homelift company Stannah.

Beautiful houseplants have benefits for physical health as well. Lane tells Homes & Gardens: 'Indoor air pollution is 2-10 times higher than outdoors, as contained areas enable pollutants emitted from furnishings, detergents and paints to build up. Fascinatingly, certain plants reduce these pollutants by taking them into the plant via the air and then turning them into food at the roots.'

In addition to the practical ways that indoor plants can improve a home, they add a natural flair and beauty to any room. First, even a faux houseplant can add a touch of green to an otherwise neutral space. Second, they create a lived-in accessorized feel at a low cost even if they are the only thing in the room.

Shop the Indoor Plant Edit

If you're looking for a full tree, like Kylie, or are content with the look of a low-maintenance faux plant, these green accessories can elevate your home.

Elevate your design and your health with houseplants. Whether you choose the Kylie Jenner look or go in a different direction, you won't regret it.

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