Martha Stewart's hydrangeas are 'one of the easiest plants to grow' – but they're even simpler to care for

The pink, blue, and purple hydrangeas are beautiful garden additions, and, experts say, they're surprisingly simple to maintain

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While dahlias and marigolds may take center stage during the summer months, there is one flower we can't get enough of lately. Never short on whimsy and volume, hydrangeas remain a beloved bloom through the seasons. Their pastel hues and delicate petals make for staple garden flowers, as well as stunning additions to any table bouquet.

As far as the former, we are feeling inspired by none other than Martha Stewart's array of these fantastic flowers. 'My hydrangea border is flourishing with beautiful mophead, lace cap, and panicle blooms in shades of blue, purple, and pink,' she states in the caption.

The vibrant and bountiful selection has got us thinking about planting and caring for hydrangeas of our own. So, we got some insight from a gardening expert about the best way to plant these precious, Stewart-approved fleurs.

Whether a seasoned gardener or working on a green thumb, the good news is that hydrangeas are a simple

'Learning how to grow hydrangeas is relatively straightforward, and these popular summer-flowering shrubs are often considered one of the easiest plants to grow,' Gardens content editor at Homes & Gardens, Thom Rutter states. 'So, if you are a beginner gardener, growing hydrangeas might be a good option as you learn the ropes.'

The size and color range are also noteworthy, with many favoring their lush petals and vibrant hues.

He continues, 'As Martha Stewart shows, hydrangeas are renowned for their big and beautiful blooms that can range in color from white to pink to blue.'

All year-round care is crucial to the survival of hydrangeas. As such, Rutter says that exposing them to some sunlight is highly beneficial to their growth.

'Generally, I find that hydrangeas are very tolerant plants, able to grow in full sun or part shade,' Rutter explains. 'They prefer free-draining but moist soil, so applying mulch to your borders every fall is a good idea to improve the quality and moisture retention of the soil in your yard.'


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The second part of care is maintenance, and hydrangeas are flowers that require some fertilization to keep up their beautiful appearance as well as keep them healthy.

'To keep your hydrangeas blooming for longer, learning when to fertilize hydrangeas is crucial,' he says. 'During the growing season, I would suggest applying a balanced fertilizer once a month, which will help your plant to thrive. Be sure to use a bloom booster fertilizer, available from Amazon, that will encourage the plant to produce more flowers.'

Hydrangea starter plants are available to purchase from Walmart below.

Beautiful, easy to care for, and a staple through the seasons, hydrangeas are a no-brainer to spruce up any garden. 'If you are seeking flower bed ideas this summer, why not give hydrangeas a try?'

Plus, as Stewart notes in her caption, her garden is 'ever-evolving,' so while we currently love her hydrangeas, we wait with anticipation to see what she fills her space with next.

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