Martha Stewart proves that a fresh, blooming flower bouquet is a beautiful piece of home decor in its own right

Martha Stewart's fresh-cut roses are the ultimate spring accessory – experts discuss their eternal appeal

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Flower markets are in full swing this time of year, and for those who constantly like to switch up their decor, there's no better seasonal accessory than a fresh bouquet of blooms. While flowers range in seasonality, a safe spring/summer bet is none other than a traditional rose.

Need proof? Look no further than Martha Stewart's vase for inspiration. The expert in all things domestic recently shared a photo of her lush, pink rose arrangement on her Instagram page, and needless to say, we are running to our local florist ASAP to recreate the look.

Experts agree that these beloved flowers are a great addition to the home due to their beautiful appearance and lovely fragrance.

'There is nothing better than bringing homegrown flowers indoors and placing fragrant vases throughout the home,' says Gardens content editor at Homes & Gardens, Thom Rutter. 'We are now entering late spring, and the bounty of the growing season is upon us. Foxgloves, irises, and lobelias are filling our borders and container displays, and snipping a few stems to enjoy indoors brings such joy.'

Roses happen to be in season right now, and as Rutter explains, they are a great pick for planting in a backyard.

'As Martha Stewart shows, if you are looking for a flower to use that is romantic, colorful and impactful, roses are the bloom to pick,' he says. 'From May through summer, roses can fill your yard with flowers, and some of the best rose varieties have long stems that are ideal for cutting and placing in a vase.'

As with any general flower care, there are a couple general maintenance protocols to keep in mind.

'When considering rose care and growing, while there are many different rose species and varieties to pick from, most prefer a sunny spot with well-draining soil,' he says. 'Roses can be hungry plants, so fertilizing during the spring and summer can help with flowering.'

When it comes to variants, Rutter recommends 'Roald Dahl' and 'Gertrude Jekyll' as 'two options that gardeners can grow for both impact in the yard and the vase.'

Rosa 'Roald Dahl' is available to buy from Walmart below.

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