Nicky and Kathy Hilton improve the aesthetic appeal of a minimalist room using this simple decorating technique

The Hiltons are changing the way we accessorize neutral spaces – they explained their versatile trick in an exclusive interview with H&G

Nicky and Kathy Hilton in Kathy's home for their new ruggable collection
(Image credit: Ruggable)

It is Interior Design 101 that adding a rug to your space instantly brings timeless warmth, texture, and style into your home. Though the fact is well established, it's sometimes easy to overlook the simplest design rules. Luckily, Nicky and Kathy Hilton are here to bring us back to the basics.

You probably know the Hiltons as socialites and fashion designers, but in 2024, they are adding a new title to their portfolios: interior designers. The mother-daughter duo have put their lavish tastes to use, creating a brand-new collection with Ruggable. The collaboration features ten chic styles that balance versatility with unique design sensibility. There is so much to love about the Ruggable x Hiltons collection, from the accessible price point to the refreshingly simple designs. However, according to the pair, the most important is that these rugs can add timeless warmth to any living room idea.

Nicky Hilton tells Homes & Gardens exclusively: 'By introducing pattern and color in a living room rug, you can effortlessly enhance the aesthetic appeal of a minimalist room, creating a chic and inviting atmosphere.' She continues, 'The rugs in the Ruggable collection feature art deco-inspired prints and delicate linework designs, and will serve as the perfect accent pieces that add visual interest and a touch of sophistication without overwhelming the space.'

kathy and nicky hilton in living room holding their dogs with a blue rug

(Image credit: Ruggable)

She continues, 'Our rug collection with Ruggable combines a unique blend of style and functionality - fusing our eye for design with the liveable functionality that Ruggable rugs are known for. Inspired by our love of entertaining, this collection is designed to help create beautiful spaces and wonderful memories in your home.' The designs can fit perfectly into any space, but work especially well in a minimalist decor scheme to add some texture.

Furthermore, the looks are designed with function in mind. Kathy Hilton states: 'The collection was inspired by our love of entertaining, and is perfect for those who love to host and want a chic, sophisticated space that reflects their taste and lifestyle. With design themes like Global Glam Deco and Feminine Prep, the collection has been designed for anyone looking to elevate their home decor while ensuring that it remains functional and easy to maintain, especially for those who frequently host gatherings.'

If you are looking to upgrade your space, look no further than adding a simple but stylish rug. It's practical, versatile, and beautiful. Plus, it's Kathy and Nicky Hilton approved.

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