Richard E. Grant's garden is a stunning masterclass in vertical planting – one of this year's biggest garden trends

For garden inspiration, look no further than the Saltburn actor's home in the British Cotswolds

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There's just something about the natural, lived-in feel of an English garden, and Richard E. Grant's home in the Cotswolds is the epitome of the style.

The British actor's garden ideas practically encompass his entire home. In a post shared to his Instagram, we see a massive tree covered in ivy, surrounded by beautiful shrubs. Grant's home itself is cloaked in greenery, from the ivy going up the sides, to the wisteria arching across the doorway; it's a verdant masterpiece.

Furthermore, just because you don't live in England, doesn't mean you can't get the look. We spoke with Thomas Rutter, master gardener at H&G to understand exactly how to create a backyard this beautiful.

Rutter states: 'Richard E. Grant's garden is quintessentially British, effectively displaying some of the best cottage garden ideas. Established trees and shrubs help to create a green and private space with year-round interest.'

He continues, 'Grant showcases the importance of growing vertically and maximizing growing space by using climbing and vining plants. Using some of the best evergreen climbers, such as English ivy, the exterior of Grant's home is transformed, appearing verdant year-round. Importantly, ivy is an excellent plant for pollinators, providing shelter and food for bees, butterflies, and birds.'

'In addition to ivy, wisteria has been trained to grow above the doorway, producing beautiful lilac blooms in the spring and summer months. Often considered one of the best flowering climbers, wisteria is renowned for its remarkable scent and color, and is an ideal choice for those looking for a climber to grow in a full-sun position,' adds Rutter. 

Whether you choose the same plants as Grant, or opt for different regional options, vertical planting can always lend a beautiful, cottage-core feel to an outdoor space.

Climbing Hydrangea | $27.95 on Garden Goods Direct

Climbing Hydrangea | $27.95 on Garden Goods Direct

If you're looking for more vertical planting ideas, it's easy to fall for climbing hydrangeas – with their creamy white lace-cap flower clusters that sit among deep green foliage. These vines will add a distinctive personality to any yard while hiding any walls we want to keep out of sight. 

Rather than simply planting a garden, vertical planting allows you to turn your entire home into part of the planting. Just follow Richard E. Grant's lead.

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