Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes bring their 'neutral canvas' living room to life with this vibrant decorating technique

This ageless hue 'offers endless styling possibilities' – but for ultimate inspiration, we're looking to Hollywood

Ryan Gosling
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Few names are currently discussed as much as Ryan Gosling. The Barbie actress made headlines for his musical tribute to the aforementioned movie at last night's Academy Awards, but we confess, we're slightly more interested in his life off-stage – in the abode he calls home. 

Together with his wife, actress Eva Mendes, Ryan mastered the use of neutrals throughout their Southern California property – but arguably nothing showcases this palette like their white living room. In this space, Gosling and Mendes have used white in excess, but their space doesn't feel clinical or boring. The key, experts say, is their injection of color that breaks up their space and brings the room to life. 

In their living room, Gosling and Mendes have used a collection of colored cushions, vibrant artworks, and tropical houseplants to interrupt the monotony of the all-white design. However, the versatility of this hue means any colored soft furnishings and artwork will work in our space. 

'A white living room also offers endless styling possibilities, so you can easily switch up the look whenever you want. You can take a minimalist approach with neutral furniture and minimal decor, or add pops of color with bold statement pieces such as a rug or art,' comments real estate expert Carmelo Carrasco.  

Colors aside, we should also look to incorporating different textures to add interest to our neutral spaces. Gosling and Mendes do this through their combination of glass and wood tables and their pleated rug that anchors their sitting area – but in the same way that it's hard to go wrong with colors –it's similarly hard to make a wrong choice with textures.

'Adding a variety of textures will create visual interest and keep the space from looking too one-note.  White provides a neutral canvas to play around with, so you can experiment with different color palettes and textures.'

White living room ideas with Scandi interior

A white living room similar to Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes' space.

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It is perhaps no secret that decorating with neutrals, predominantly white, is both timeless and versatile, but there is more to this tone than its flexibility. 

'An all-white living room has the added benefit of creating a spacious feel to any room, no matter the size,' Carrasco explains. This is especially important if you have a smaller room, as all-white colors will help to enlarge the space visually. For instance, the addition of reflective surfaces such as mirrored furniture, glossy white tables, and glass-like materials can work to make the space feel larger than it actually is.'

While we're almost certain this isn't a huge problem in Gosling and Mendes's space, we still welcome any small living room tips, especially when this look is approved by those at the peak of Hollywood. 

Carmelo Carrasco
Carmelo Carrasco

Carmelo is a realtor and co-founder of Axel Property Management, based in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. He holds over 26 years of experience in the Real Estate Management sector – typically overseeing family homes and multimillion-dollar garden-style projects. 

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