Sarah Michelle Gellar's monochromatic living room is 'engaging and dynamic' – and exhibits a long-lasting aesthetic

Sarah Michelle Gellar, AKA Buffy the Vampire Slayer goes for a refined, all-white living space that follows the quiet luxury trend

Sarah Michelle Gellar
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Quiet luxury has taken over interiors within the last couple of years, and we are still seeing the trend's prevalence in home design today. 

The most apparent way it's pervading spaces nowadays is through one of its foundational colors: white. This crisp and clean shade oozes elegance and refinery, so it's natural that those seeking to create a luxe space are drawn to the color as a base for kitchens or living rooms.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is just one public figure who is on board with this long-lasting style. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Cruel Intentions star posted a photo in her home's entryway, with a view of her cream-and-white living room in the background. 

As trendy as it is timeless, white is a staple color in so many homes in no small part due to its versatility. 'White makes the ultimate statement, nothing is so black and white as white,' says Martin Waller, Founder of global design brand Andrew Martin.

With this in mind, creating a cohesive, monochromatic white living space is highly achievable when planned strategically.

Gellar's all-white living room looks appealing with its array of furniture shapes and sizes – variety is a core element to ensuring that white rooms maintain visual interest.

'Utilize different materials and shapes of white living room furniture,' Jennifer Ebert, H&G's digital editor suggests. 'White spaces are simple at surface level, but when you incorporate different textures into a monochromatic color scheme, it instantly becomes more engaging and dynamic.'

Ebert recommends incorporating a mix of softer fabrics, such as cotton and wool, with harder materials such as marble.

White living room with mix of old and new furniture

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Subtle accent colors are also encouraged to keep white living rooms exciting and elevated. 

'Black can be an ideal pairing for an accent color,' Ebert states. 'It can appear as subtly as a picture frame or coffee table legs – regardless of its presence, you can be sure it will make an impact on a white space.'

Finally, mixing and matching white shades ensures that a living room is visually stimulating – it will still look cohesive, but never flat.

'Start off with picking three, slightly different whites and incorporating them into the furnishings, wall paint, and floor accessories,' Ebert explains. 'When everything in a room is the exact shade of white, it can feel flat or clinical. Variety keeps a space interesting, and paired with textures, the results are attractive.'

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