Sharon Stone pays homage to a fellow Hollywood actor with a statement decor trick that anchors her living room

The Basic Instinct star has a giant Marilyn Monroe print hanging above her sofa at home, tapping into the statement art trend

(Image credit: Photo by Cindy Ord/VF23 via Getty Images for Vanity Fair)

Selecting and hanging wall art is somewhat of an art in itself. Placement and choice of piece can dictate the way a space feels, whether it be a small, painted, abstract piece or a large-scale print. As such, it's crucial to determine what mood a room should serve prior to purchasing statement artwork.

Sharon Stone, known for her work in '90s thrillers such as Basic Instinct and Casino, has chosen to pay homage to a fellow Hollywood star in a bold way, with a giant, framed portrait of Marilyn Monroe hanging above her sofa. The piece serves as a focal point in her neutral-toned space, with book-stacked side tables framing the gray, printed sofa.

Experts agree that selecting a statement art piece or print is a fantastic way to command attention and embolden a space.

'A large scale piece of art is the perfect anchor around which your entire living room can be designed,' says interior designer Laura Chappetto of Element Design Network. 'Be sure to select a piece that speaks to you. An oversized piece of artwork commands attention so you want it to make you feel something. This way, you can be sure you won’t tire of it.'

With that in mind, Chappetto says there are a few rules to follow when incorporating statement art into a communal space. The first involves a color scheme.

'Choose accent colors from the piece to use in your decor to create balance or create visual interest by introducing contrasting colors,' she says.

Stone followed this suggestion by incorporating a white lamp into her space, which perfectly complements the white bedsheets in the Marilyn Monroe portrait.

Due to the scale of statement artwork, Chappetto says to allow it to shine and avoid any additional clutter or bold items in the space.

'Let the art take center-stage and don’t overuse accessories in the rest of the room,' she says. 'Too much decor can compete and take focus away from your art.'

Finally, location is key in successfully implementing statement art in a space.

'Hang the art in a prominent location in your space to ground the room on a wall that is the proper size for your art,' she suggests. 'You want to be sure to have negative space around the art piece.'

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