The statement piece – 10 impactful ways with standout decor

A stunning statement piece can create drama, be a focal point and lift interior design schemes – here's how to max out this design element

statement piece ideas
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Want to transform so-so schemes into ones with impact and interest? The easiest way to do so is with a statement piece. Note the use of singular here: no room needs more than one statement piece at a time – introduce more and that fabulous focal point will battle for attention and its impact will be lessened.

The good news is that this can make introducing a statement piece simple – you just need to choose one fantastic find for each space to ensure your interior design is as good as any professional's.

10 ways to introduce a statement piece

As you'll see below, a statement piece can be anything from a fitting, such as a sculptural bath, to a simple piece of furniture or even a color. The trick is to make it stand out from the rest of the scheme – H&G's decorating editor Emma Thomas offers her expertise.

1. Hang a sculptural chandelier to add a sense of occasion

grey dining room with round table, sculptural statement pendant light and red rug

(Image credit: Jon Day/ Claudia Bryant)

Dining room lighting ideas, such as a  statement chandelier like this, are sure to be a talking point at any dinner party. Such a stand out, eye-catching design, not only tells a story, it draws our attention and sparks curiosity. 

Here, this stunning, sculptural piece by Vaughan Designs takes center stage with elegance and ease. The chalky white finish stands out against the muted pale grey walls, a delicate yet imposing focal point for a dining room. 

And it has been paired perfectly with a generous understated round dining table in pale wood and slim chairs allowing the chandelier to be the star of the show.  

A strong pop of red in the vibrant rug, artwork and candlesticks help bring the monochromatic color scheme to life 

2. Make an entryway stunning with bold abstract artwork

entrance hall with vibrant statement artwork and console

(Image credit: Jon Day / Claudia Bryant)

If you are looking for a statement piece to boost your hallway ideas, art work is the way to go. Vibrant graphic framed prints by Formwork Studios, hung side by side over a quirky bespoke metal console create a striking visual impact. 

The muted monochrome palette of the space allows the colorful prints to make a statement. Shapley glossy accessories in glass and marble further enhance the ensemble, all combining to create a very stylish entrance hall. 

3. Put pattern underfoot to make a striking statement in a living room

living room with monochrome statement rug, wooden cabinet and pink velvet upholstered chair

(Image credit: Jon Day / Claudia Bryant)

Adding a statement piece to your living room ideas can be as simple as laying a rug. Generous in scale and pattern, this raised cut pile monochromatic rug by Riviere Rugs makes a bold statement for any room. 

With such a large scale, bold and graphic design, pair with simple lines and calm tones so as not to overwhelm a space. The tone of the wooden cabinet here helps to add warmth to the monochromatic scheme as does the lush pink velvet of the armchair. 

4. Find a vibrant sofa for a living room centerpiece

monochrome living room with vibrant red velvet sofa and geometric design curtain fabric

(Image credit: Jon Day / Claudia Bryant)

If you're on the hunt for the best couch for your living room, think: sculptural form. Here, a lavishly curvaceous red velvet sofa from The Conran Shop takes center stage, making a true statement. 

This star of the show is tempered by elegant monochrome furniture and understated geometric curtains. A large soft pink abstract pile rug softens the overall scheme and strikes a pleasing contrast with the vivid red.

5. Invest in a tall upholstered headboard for a luxurious bedroom

bedroom with upholstered headboard and sculptural statement side table

(Image credit: Jon Day / Claudia Bryant)

Like an oh-so chic hotel room, there is little more alluring than a tall oversize upholstered headboard, like this one from Ensemblier London. This one, with its elegant sweetheart curves, in a pretty pink linen has contrast piping for a smart finish. 

Headboard ideas such as this need to be paired with simple furniture. Here, a beautiful and unexpected sculptural side table by Gallotti & Radice, a work of art in itself, takes its place as a wonderful bedside piece. The dark burnished brass discs offer a counterpoint to the soft pale curves of the bespoke headboard.

A soft, muted palette keeps the space feeling calm, but a stripe rug is a great way to introduce some pattern and cushions are an ideal way of bringing in more color.

6. Use an oversized mirror to increase the sense of space

dressing room statement red mirror with upholstered bench

(Image credit: Jon Day / Claudia Bryant)

Decorating with mirrors can brighten and visually enlargen any small or dark space, but the mirror itself can be a statement piece. 

An ideal addition to a dressing area, not only does such a large scale mirror feel luxurious, such a decorative piece add a sense of grandeur. 

This large 1940s inspired decorative red gesso mirror by Julian Chichester certainly makes a statement in this elegant and intimate dressing corner. The addition of a useful and beautiful velvet upholstered bench makes a useful perch. 

7. Choose a sculptural bath to make a statement 

contemporary bathroom with red side table

(Image credit: Future / Emma Lee / Sally Denning)

There's little space in a bathroom for any other statement piece than a sculptural bath – although of course, artwork and mirrors have a place. However, for luxury bathroom ideas, the bath should always remain the focal point of the space – its sculptural, curvaceous shape set against a darker background to make it stand out.

8. Highlight statement furniture in a monochromatic scheme 

Kitchen pictures featuring a dark gray-green room with bright red painted pantry and gingham blinds.

(Image credit: Future / Polly Wreford)

Kitchens, too, are more difficult to furnish with a statement piece. However, you can make an element of the cabinetry itself the focal point using clever kitchen color ideas. Here, the simple trick of painting a dresser in a bold, contrasting color creates impact without fuss.

9. Use bold color as your statement piece

A living room with grey sofa, blue walls and statement piece red coffee table

(Image credit: Polly Wreford)

A statement piece can actually be an amalgamation of more than one idea – tied together with a common color. In a living room, a central coffee table is a focal point that can make the space feel more inviting. However, if the table you love is on the small side, you can layer it with a matching rug to increase its impact. Simple, but clever.

10. Make a wall a statement piece in its own right

Mural statement piece in living room or hallway

(Image credit: Future/Jon Day)

Using simple block-colored chairs as companions for a graph wall mural idea is a simple way to create a statement piece – or vignette – in any room, whether a living room, bedroom or even hallway. This beautiful La Passion de Diego mural is by Elitis at Abbott & Boyd

What is a statement piece of furniture?

A statement piece of furniture is one that is central to your room's design and which catches the eye first. The rest of your scheme should not only be inspired by this piece, but should set it off, ensuring that they do not compete with it for attention, but rather blend away to allow your statement piece to shine.

What is a decoration statement?

A decoration statement piece is the focal point of the space. This might be a piece of art hung over a fireplace or a wall mural that sets of plain furniture in front of it. It should draw the eye, set the tone for the room, and should not be in competition with any other element of decoration within the same space – each room only needs one decoration statement. 

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