Best places to buy plants in 2024

Discover where to buy plants with our guide to the best places to shop online

Fragrant garden with scented plants including roses and clematis, surrounding an outdoor dining area
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If you are looking for the best places to buy plants, you'll know that greenery can instantly transform a home or yard. There’s something about a space with plants in it that makes it inviting and personable. 

The popularity of growing both indoor and outdoor plants exploded during the pandemic, with no signs of homeowners slowing down in their pursuit of the most beautiful plants for their homes and outdoor spaces.

Whether you are after the best indoor plants or want to transform your outdoor space into a thriving orchard or kitchen garden, these are the best places to buy plants online.  

H&G's Favorite Places To Buy Plants

The best places to buy plants include well-known mass-market stores that do a great job of finding foliage that's great quality right through to lesser-known nurseries that sell online. This is our top pick.

1. The Sill 

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Known for: Indoor plants, planters, plant care accessories.

Available at: The Sill

Whether you are a plant beginner or want a large statement plant to really transform a room, The Sill has got it all. You will find all the usual suspects – peace lilies, ficuses, ferns, and ZZ plants – but there are few tasteful surprises, too: we especially like that The Sill sells hoyas and the beautiful Ric Rac cactus. The beautifully crafted, neutral-colored planters the brand sells with their plants will suit any home.  

2. Etsy

Known for: Houseplants from small growers, unusual plants and cuttings, terrarium kits.

Available at:

If you’re looking for a quirky houseplant gift, or simply cannot find what you want in conventional houseplant outlets, Etsy is the place to look. And even if you do just want a fairly standard indoor plant but would prefer to buy direct from a small supplier, then Etsy is again a great destination. What we like especially about shopping for indoor plants here is that you can buy small cuttings of plants that you can then grow yourself. The terrarium kits make for perfect gifts for plant lovers. You can even buy bonsai and Japanese mosses if you want to build your own miniature indoor Japanese garden. 

3. Bloomscape 

Known for: Extra-large plants, cacti and succulents, exotic plant species.

Available at: Bloomscape

For the serious plant lover or someone who wants to create a full-scale indoor jungle, there’s no place like Bloomscape. The selection of plants here is truly staggering – so much so that a beginner may not know where to look. If, on the other hand, you’ve been after a very specific plant – a pencil cactus, perhaps, or a Tahitian Bridal Veil – then you very likely will find it here. Oh, and if you want truly impressive mature specimen plants, the large plant section is called ‘GIANT’ and the description is accurate.

4. Horti 

Known for: Houseplant subscriptions.

Available at: Horti

If you’re a beginner on the houseplant journey and aren’t quite sure what indoor plants you’d like, then a subscription is the way to go. The way it works is that Horti sends you a houseplant kit every month for a period of six or 12 months. In the kit, you’ll find the plant, a planter, tools, and planting and growing instructions. The subscription plan gradually increases your plant knowledge and level of plant care ability, so you’ll get easy-maintenance plants first. A great gift option, we think. 

5. Urban Stems

Known for: Indoor plants, cut flowers, dried flowers, decorative planters.

Available at: Urban Stems

If you like your plants arriving already pre-planted in gorgeous and quirky planters, then this is the place. Some of the planters are really special-looking (the gold elephant has to be our favorite), and the plant selection is thoughtful, with air plants and orchids available. That the company also does flower delivery is a bonus. 

6. The Bouqs Company 

Known for: Bouquets, plants, dried flowers.

Available at: The Bouqs Company

If you want to order your flower arrangements and your indoor plants from the same place, this is a great company. The plant selection is somewhat limited, but features all the favorites, from peace lilies to money plants. The plants come in cute, giftable planters.

7. Terrain 

Known for: Plants, furniture, outdoor, garden.

Available at: Terrain

So much more than an online plant shop, Terrain is a destination for all things backyard and garden. The selection of indoor plants is small but exquisite, with all plants carefully curated and beautifully planted. The outdoor selection is even better – we especially like the large selection of fruiting trees and shrubs.


Known for: A large selection of plants.

Available at:

If choice is your main criterion when searching for the best places to buy plants then you can’t go wrong with They have pretty much everything, from basic plants to beginners to outstanding bonsai specimen. The site search is very handy too, with options to shop plants by room or by lifestyle, including air-cleaning indoor plants and feng shui plants.

9. The Home Depot 

Known for: Indoor and outdoor plants, tools.

Available at: The Home Depot

If you’re giving your backyard or garden a big revamp, then head to The Home Depot for plants, tools, soil mixes, compost, and building materials. The plant selection is actually really good, but it’s the opportunity to buy everything you need in one place that really makes it a destination. 

10. Lowes 

Known for: Indoor and outdoor plants, bulbs, seeds.

Available at: Lowes

Plant novice? Lowes helps you find the plants that are best suited to your soil type, garden aspect, and has several other sections we find especially helpful. Pet owners can select pet-friendly houseplants, while those living in rural areas can buy deer-resistant plants

11. Burpee 

Known for: Seeds, outdoor plants.

Available at: Burpee

If you’re planning on growing a vegetable garden from seed, then Burpee is your destination for seed shopping. From your beets to your beans, the selection of vegetable seeds is comprehensive. We also like that you can buy flower seeds from Burpee, as well as a robust selection of outdoor perennials for your yard.    

12. Tractor Supply 

Known for: Flower seeds.

Available at: Tractor Supply

If you are exploring wildflower garden ideas, Tractor Supply has some really wonderful wildflower mixes that will transform your lawn into a pollinator-friendly paradise. The company also sells some flowering trees, notably magnolias. 

13. Nature Hills

Known for: Flowering bushes, roses, backyard accessories.

Available at: Nature Hills

If what you’ve always wanted is a luscious rose garden, maybe interspersed with a few fragrant lilac trees, then Nature Hills is the best place to buy plants for you. A gorgeous selection of roses, lilacs, and flowering fruit trees is packaged in one of the nicest-looking plant websites we’ve seen. Easy to navigate, the photography is beautiful – if you want an aesthetically pleasing shopping experience, definitely check Nature Hills out.  

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