Make your lawn more sustainable - and embrace its wellbeing benefits too

Give your lawn the love it deserves while at the same time caring for the environment

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We all want the lawn of our dreams and to find ways to help ours measure up. But it's fair to say that lawns have been getting a bad press lately. The message tends to be that it's not a good eco choice to yearn for a lush stretch of green in your garden because of all the watering involved. 

Lawns need to tick the sustainability box as a result of our increased concern for creating more drought tolerant gardens. The good news is this is now easier as there are new treatments available that cut down on how much you need to water your lawn while still keeping it looking green and healthy.

That's not the only reason why we're celebrating our love for lawns. Did you know that according to the experts at The Lawn Institute, 150sqm2 of natural grass can produce enough oxygen to support four or more people for a day. We think that's pretty impressive. 

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The rise of the wellbeing lawn

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From walking on it barefoot for the sensory experience to taking time out to sit on the grass to unwind while you listen to the birds, it’s important to recognise the benefits of a lawn both for your own wellbeing and that of your family. Plus don't forget how much wildlife loves a lawn too.

Several major organisations are now addressing this feel good aspect of lawns. GreenThumb's Share The Lawn Love campaign, in partnership with the National Garden Scheme and Scotland’s Gardens Scheme, promotes the many wellbeing benefits of a healthy, green lawn for both you as a keen gardener as well as everyone else who wants to spend more time outside to make the most of their garden in summer. 

The Share The Lawn Love campaign is helping to improve the mental and physical health of individuals, families and community groups who have been nominated by GreenThumb customers with adoptions selected by volunteers of the National Garden Scheme and Scotland’s Garden Scheme.

Appreciating your lawn as a sanctuary helps to establish it as something truly special in your garden. Naturally this is something that sets it apart from faux turf, gravel and other lawn replacements.

Making your lawn more sustainable

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You want your lawn to look its very best but if you feel guilty about brandishing a hose pipe or setting up a much-maligned sprinkler system help is at hand with the latest lawn treatment. 

There are many common misconceptions about how to achieve a lush lawn, with the main one being how much water they guzzle. But with the innovative new Oasis water conserver treatment from GreenThumb you can now reduce the need to water a lawn by up to 80%.

How does it work? This specialised water conserver treatment is applied as a liquid spray all over your lawn. It compliments your regular watering regime, keeping your grass hydrated and healthy, but means you water up to 80% less.

Oasis helps your soil make the very best use of any available moisture, whether it’s rain, recycled water or morning dew, protecting your lawn from the effects of dry conditions and sparse rainfall. It also has a liquid seaweed extract that improves both the colour and quality on your lawn, with visible results almost immediately.

Choosing the best lawn care

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Market leaders GreenThumb provide year-round treatments that save you time as well as giving your lawn the love it deserves. With over 220 branches nationwide and 330,000+ customers, they really are the UK’s leading lawn care experts. 

Their lawn treatments are exclusive and developed in collaboration with sustainability experts ICL, whose world-class products treat Premier League pitches, golf courses and tennis courts across the UK and USA. 

Visit to book a free consultation or get an estimate based on your lawn size for any one of GreenThumb's year-long treatment programmes.

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