5 reasons why stamped concrete is the must-have modern material that your home desires

Looking for a surface with a difference? Stamped concrete will set your home apart

Topciment patio
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As well as providing a sunny spot to relax, a well-designed garden should help your house sit harmoniously within its setting. Flooring often represents one of the biggest capital costs when landscaping an outdoor space, so it's important to do your research and invest in a high-quality product that stands the test of time. 

Whether designing a new garden from scratch or re-laying an existing patio, careful consideration should be given to the surface material you choose. As well as looking good, your chosen product needs to stand up to all that the British weather throws at it. Plus, you’ll want to lay down a surface that offers a decent service life and doesn’t require constant maintenance. Durability is another key factor to investigate – particularly for patios that’ll receive a lot of footfall. With this in mind, one material caught our attention. 

On-trend, good-looking and hardwearing, stamped concrete is the latest must-have material and is ideal for modern and country homes alike. The popularity of stamped concrete is no coincidence. Its countless advantages make this decorative option one of the most widely used in both residential and commercial properties. But what exactly is stamped concrete? 

Made using a combination of different elements: binder, aggregates, water and some additives. This unassuming material can take on so many forms, and the benefits are extraordinary.

Hard-wearing, low-maintenance and resistant to both frost and stains, this material offers a long-lasting solution for your home. An array of surface textures can be created to mimic the appeal of natural stone or timber. As it can be used inside and out, stamped concrete offers an ideal way to extend your living space seamlessly into the garden. It doesn’t fade in the sun or grow moss, it’s anti-slip and easy to install. 

Here are five reasons why we are singing the praises of this very modern material from Topciment:

1. Installation is easy


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No costly or time-consuming excavation or border cutting, the installation of stamped concrete is quick, easy and efficient. As it is a continuous mortar, the execution times are dramatically reduced compared to other alternatives on the market.

2. Unlimited design possibilities

Topciment garden patio

(Image credit: Topciment)

There is an array of choice when it comes to this cost-effective, low-maintenance material. Stamped concrete is made from a mix of different-sized aggregates, creating various textures. Colour pigments can be added to create shades ranging from warm beiges and reds to cool greys. Stamped concrete is suited to all types of terrain and isn’t restrained by awkward shapes and sizes, allowing you to create a surface layout that suits your home or garden. 

The striking colour variations on offer do a great job of mimicking the aesthetic of natural stone, and will work well alongside existing architecture, soft landscaping and planting. It truly is a great all-rounder.

3. Welcome a weed-free patio

No one wants to spend hours weeding their patio or driveway, and you needn’t have to with stamped concrete. Individually placed pavers have joints between each stone and, although filled with a sand mixture, stubborn weeds and grass will push through, especially in wet and humid climates. However, with decorative stamped concrete, you will never have a problem with weeds or grass again. You can spend your time enjoying your outdoor surface, not weeding them.

4. Maintenance is minimal


(Image credit: Topciment)

Decorative concrete is an industry-tough surface that is extremely low-maintenance. Driveways, walkways, patios, and pool decks require very little upkeep. Regular sweeping will prevent dust and dirt build-up, stains don’t penetrate and can be wiped up with a cloth, mold, moss, and bacteria growth are repelled, and an occasional washing with a neutral-Ph cleaner is all your need to keep your stamped concrete looking like new.

5. You can use it indoors and out

While many people use stamped concrete outdoors, you can also use it just as successful – and beautifully – indoors too. 

Durable, easy to clean and heat-retaining, there's a lot to love about using this material for both flooring and walls indoors, and unlike timber, concrete doesn’t rot. Perfect for nailing the urban trend for industrial style, or even creating a rustic country abode, it works well in just about any space with striking results.

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