It’s all about '70s-inspired design and warm textures this fall – Soho Home’s new collection does both

Filled with natural materials and nods to mid-century design, we're loving Soho Home's new collection for fall

Mid century living room
(Image credit: Soho Home)

As we edge closer to fall, we're anticipating the new furniture and decor pieces to bring into our homes to help create the perfect cozy and warming living space. This year, we're seeing lots of warm-toned colors and natural materials that elevate the home with their rich appeal. 

The newest collection launched by interiors brand Soho Home captures these fall trends perfectly. Named Interiors by Soho House, the new furniture collection is inspired by the interiors of the brand's iconic member houses across the world, and it's every ounce as dreamy as you would expect. 

mid century living room

(Image credit: Soho Home)

Capturing the core organic and design-led nature of Soho Home, the collection allows homeowners to refresh spaces this fall with high-quality pieces, celebrating natural materials and rich textures. 

A compilation of 1970s-inspired design, the collection nods to the warmth of mid-century modern design. Apparent throughout the collection are lots of natural, solid wood, as well as soft fabrics which are perfect for fall decor ideas.  

The collection spans rooms throughout the home, from the living room to bedroom ideas, as well as, for the first time, including pieces for the bathroom. 

‘We are focused on providing true choice and customization to our customer and have expanded our color offering as well as our made-to-order product assortment to include upholstered furniture and rugs,' explains James Patmore, Design Director at Soho Home.

70's-inspired shapes

Mid century living room

(Image credit: Soho Home)

Mid-century-inspired design forms a key part of the new collection. From oversized and angular lamps to sculptural sofas, each piece acts as a statement in the home. 

Balancing comfort and style in equal measure, the new furniture pieces capture the practical yet elegant nature of mid-century modern decor that we never tire of.  

Natural solid wood

Red arm chair

(Image credit: Soho Home)

From oak to walnut, solid wood features in various pieces throughout the new Soho Home collection, including headboards, armchairs, and cabinets.

Solid wood is guaranteed to bring an organic feeling to your home, and its quality craftsmanship means it will last for years to come. The natural feel of wood can break up a room from feeling stark, and its warmth is perfect for fall. 

Warm textures

Mid century living room

(Image credit: Soho Home)

Essential for fall-inspired decor is warm and cozy fabrics. Soho Home's new collection is filled with rich textured fabrics, including bouclé, velvet, and linen. Opting for a natural and warm-toned color palette, each piece, from pillows to rugs, is perfect for creating a layered look to add depth to the home. 


Where can I buy the Interiors by Soho House collection?

The new collection is available to purchase at, and in-store at Soho Home Studio, Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles as well as in their UK studios at Westbourne Grove and King's Road, London. 

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