Beat the impending summer heat with a tower fan like the Dreo Pilot Max

See the major benefits

Dreo Pilot Max tower fan in an open room
(Image credit: Future)

The warmer months are upon us, so it’s time to start thinking about how to keep cool as things heat up. While many of us may turn to an air conditioner for the worst of it, a tower fan can provide a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative that’ll help you cool off throughout the summer. The Dreo Pilot Max is a premium tower fan that provides a quality demonstration of all the benefits of a tower fan.

Energy savings

A tower fan costs a lot less to run than your typical air conditioner. There’s no compressor doing a ton of work to create cold air. Instead, all the cooling comes from the refreshing breeze blowing past you. So, how efficient are they? You’ve probably seen your energy bill jump during the months you have to turn your AC on, but with the Dreo Pilot Max running at its lowest setting, you could run it 24/7 for three months, and it would cost only a little more than a dollar. 

Powerful cooling

The heat that gets to you in the summer is all the worse when the air is still, lingering around you with your own body heat contributing to the mix. But BY using the powerful airflow of a tower fan to keep that air moving and prevent it from stagnating around you, you can keep cool. The Dreo Pilot Max can provide you with a cool breeze or a gushing torrent of wind with its powerful impeller capable of moving 1,475 cubic feet of air a minute. Want a 26 ft/second gale that’ll blow the heat right away? You can get it. You don’t have to huddle up close to the fan to enjoy its cooling either, as the Dreo Pilot Max has 32 feet of range.

Dreo Pilot Max’s impeller fan design

(Image credit: Dreo)

Cooling that moves with you

You don’t have to commit to one room for cooling like you might have to with a window AC unit. The Dreo Pilot Max is as powerful as it is portable. You can simply pick it up and place it where you want it. Pull it into the living room for a party to keep you and your guests cool. Drag it out onto the patio to enjoy the outdoors but keep the heat at bay. Or even set it beside your bed for a gentle breeze to lull you to sleep. Unlike a box fan, a tower fan like the Dreo Pilot Max also can oscillate, letting it cover a broad swathe of a room — up 120-degree in the Pilot Max’s case. 

Minimal footprint

Tower fans simply don’t take up a lot of space. You don’t have to find a way to cram them up next to a window or commit serious floor space to them. Their vertical nature means they only need a little patch of the floor, just about a single square foot in the case of the Pilot Max. Meanwhile, the tall fan inside provides a large column of blowing air for keeping cool. 

Smarts you can rely on

Modern tower fans like the Dreo Pilot Max also offer features that simply make them easier to use and rely on. The temperature of the air can change, and you might not always want the fan running at the same setting. If the air cools off, the Dreo Pilot Max can lower its speed, or vice versa. It supports a remote control, so you can change settings to find comfort right where you are. There’s also a sleep timer so the fan only has to run when you want it to.  

If you’re ready to see the difference a tower fan can make, check out the Dreo Pilot Max from Dreo or order it through Amazon.  

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