Ariana Grande’s mid-century modern kitchen is surprisingly perfect for relaxation

Interior designers recommend how to recreate Ariana Grande's calming home décor

Ariana grande in gray at the grammy awards
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In her announcement for the upcoming Wicked film with Johnathan Bailey and Cynthia Erivo, Ariana Grande gave us a sneak peek into her gray and cream kitchen. In recent months, fans have taken note of the 'Positions' singer’s muted color palette. From a series of black and white photos on her Instagram to her all-gray ensemble at Wimbledon, Ari has been celebrating decorating with neutral tones.

The Instagram photo below shows the former Nickelodeon actress overwhelmed with excitement. Her post is captioned with gratitude to her co-stars, but we couldn’t stop staring at the background. 

Ariana Grande, who has lived between New York and Los Angeles, has a mid-century modern kitchen complete with rounded furniture, a chic retro pendant lamp, and tall windows to fill the room with natural light. Tall, leafy plants add texture to the space. An industrial bar cart and glossy table contrast nicely with the natural elements of the room, especially the green outdoors streaming through the home’s generous windows. The brightness offsets the darkness of the hardware in the room, giving the crisp room a warmer feel. 

'With their classic looks, simple shapes, and pared-back style, mid-century modern decor ideas are enduringly popular – and it is easy to see why this look is revered so highly, even now,' says Jennifer Ebert, deputy editor of Homes & Gardens. 'Although mid-century modern décor was driven by advances in technology, it was also inspired by the natural world, and wood is the most widely used material for furniture – a popular interior design trend today.'

Ariana’s kitchen perfectly fits the bill. The style of Ariana’s room is deeply minimalist, with only a few pieces of neutral furniture visible. It also closely follows the mid-century modern tenet of mixing materials: from the ecru walls to the black metal hardware and glass walls, each part of the room is unique. 

The home is likely a calming oasis in the busy life of the mega-star. Ariana Grande has posted other photos of herself casually dancing in another room of the home with hardwood floors, impressionist dog portraits, and a fiddle leaf fig in the background, showcasing how relaxed she feels in the space. The combination of organic and industrial materials combined with the quietly luxurious clean lines of the mid-century modern create an air of tranquility. The calm of the colors and the energy of 'bringing the outdoors in' give the home a soothing feel.

If you are interested in emulating Ariana’s interior style in your own home, design expert Ksenya Malina of Time and Place Interiors recommends a focus on lighting. Ksenya suggests allowing maximum daylight to shine in or a 'shapely yet simple ceiling light, like the one in Grande's space' which 'lends intriguing form to a mid-century dining room.' She states that: 'a well-chosen light fixture, hung low enough to be in conversation with the dining table, adds interest to a mid-century style open space.'

Ariana’s kitchen shows mid-century modern décor to be a timeless style we’ll be introducing to our homes for years to come.

Ksenya Malina
Ksenya Malina

Ksenya Malina is the Founder and Principal at Time and Place Interiors. She is a certified WELL AP through the International Well Building Institute.Time & Place Interiors provides interior decorating services.

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