Arnold Schwarzenegger's warm wood features bring a 'timeless, natural, and stylish' charm to his workout space

Wood beams and framed photographs in the Terminator's gym make for a space that is simultaneously calming and energizing

Arnold Schwarzenegger
(Image credit: Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

One doesn't get biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger without a stellar workout routine – and, by proxy, a premium gym setup. Lucky for us, the Terminator himself recently shared a video to his social media page of his home gym, and the space is equally enticing as the equipment.

The Austria-born, California-based actor and bodybuilder's at-home fitness room comprises top-of-the-line equipment, housed in a warm wood and white room. Far from a typically sterile gym space, the wood-beamed ceiling pairs perfectly with the wooden door and picture frames, which display an array of black-and-white photographs.

While design style may be an afterthought for a purpose-built room, experts say that Schwarzenegger's incorporation of wood and decor can elevate the home workout experience.

'Wood finishes elevate your gym's ambiance, bringing a timeless, natural, and stylish charm to your workout space,' says Ornella Bianco, Home Improvement Specialist at 'Wood is ideal for these spaces because its surface absorbs sound and reduces echo, resulting in a quieter and more acoustically pleasing environment.' 

Whether there's loud music blaring or it's a space for low-intensity movement, like yoga (and therefore minimal noise), wood is the decor solution for a home gym.

In general, our surroundings are proven to have an impact on our headspace: this is why color palettes and materials that work in a bedroom, where we rest, may not be used as frequently in a communal space like the kitchen. With that being said, it's crucial to make a home gym feel personalized, motivational, and relaxing.

'To get in the right frame of mind in your home gym, add inspirational artwork' suggests interior designer Hazel Poett, in partnership with Avant Homes. 'Use bright and invigorating lighting to foster an energetic atmosphere and to improve concentration when working out, include designated zones for your favorite activities.'

Not only can these decorative elements energize us, but they can also provide a soothing ambiance when it's time to wind down.

'Incorporating natural elements like wood into a gym space fosters a connection with nature, promoting overall well-being and mental health during workouts,' adds Bianco.

We love how Schwarzenegger put up a gallery wall of photographs; they add a personal touch to what could otherwise feel like a non-descript space, and give some visual interest to points beyond the equipment. And of course, the wood frames tie in the rest of the wood details, and provide a peaceful atmosphere.

Below, find some wood pictures frames that are perfect for including personalized photos in a home gym. 

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