Ashley Tisdale uses this calming color palette to create a bedroom that 'enhances the quality of rest'

Neutrals are a mainstay in the bedroom thanks to their soothing properties and sophisticated stylings, experts say

Ashley Tisdale
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As the founder of the health and wellness line Frenshe, along with its offshoot, Frenshe Interiors, Ashley Tisdale knows a thing or two about living healthily and creating a soothing home. Naturally, the High School Musical star's bedroom is a blissful base.

The actor posted a video on her Instagram page recently, showing off how she styles her wood nightstand (a product Frenshe Interiors created in partnership with HomeThreads). The result is a calming, neutral space filled with creams and browns, all made visually appealing with a variety of textures and patterns.

One reason that decorating with neutrals remains such a popular choice for the bedroom is that they will truly never go out of style. 

'Neutral bedroom colors, including whites, beiges, grays, and soft pastels, offer an unmatched versatility that can complement any architectural feature or furniture style,' says Ilaria Barion, owner and CEO at Barion Design. 'Unlike more vibrant or trendy color schemes, neutrals are less likely to feel dated, providing a timeless backdrop that can evolve with changing tastes and accessories.'

Ilaria Barion
Ilario Barion

Ilaria has been shaping luxury real estate staging since 2005. In New York City, she quickly became the go-to for luxury properties. Then, in 2010, she founded Barion Design, formerly Virtual Staging LLC, pioneering virtual staging. 

Neutrals are a natural fit for a bedroom space in particular because of their peaceful properties; we don't often see colors like orange or red in the bedroom, as their energizing undertones can act as antidotes for rest.

'Neutral colors have a proven psychological effect, promoting calmness and reducing stress,' Barion explains. 'By employing a neutral palette, we create a serene and inviting space that enhances the quality of rest, which is paramount in a bedroom. This soothing ambiance is difficult to achieve with more saturated colors, which can energize rather than relax the mind.'

According to Barion, the key to keeping neutrals looking interesting is in three elements: texture, layering, and accent details.

Texture can be incorporated via bedding and bed sheets, rugs, and wall treatments. 'The contrast between smooth and rough textures adds depth and interest, preventing the space from feeling flat or monotonous,' Barion explains.

'Meanwhile, layering different neutral shades, from grays and creams to browns and beiges, adds richness to these otherwise simple shades. 'Playing with light and dark tones of the same color creates a subtle yet impactful visual interest.'

Finally, the accents tie everything together by creating some contrast: 'While the base palette remains neutral, introducing metallics, wood tones, or even a single muted color can add a focal point and personality to the room. These elements serve as visual anchors, adding warmth and character.'

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