Best bed sheets 2023: tried and tested bedding sets, loved by our sleep editor

These editor-approved best bed sheets will suit all sleep styles and seasons – so you can get your best sleep yet

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The best bed sheets can make all the difference to how cozy and comfortable you feel in bed. They guarantee you a great night's sleep – but only if the bedding set you sleep under suits your needs. The fabric should be breathable, to keep you at the optimum temperature, and durable, to last through laundering and nightly use. They should make your bed look as inviting as it feels, too. 

As H&G's sleep editor and shopping expert, made sure to deep dive into piles of bed sheets, and tested some of the comfiest (and not so comfy) bed sheets on the market. Including the best cooling, linen, bamboo, and cotton sheet sets from both big named brands and smaller retailers, below are the 12 sheet sets I recommend for better sleep. Suiting an array of sleep types, budgets, and bedrooms, you'll find a set that best meets your requirements. 

Whether you're an eco-lover looking for 100% natural fibers like eucalyptus, or you're on the search for a bright-colored cover for a change from plain white sheets, there's a bedding set for you. 

In the same way we curate our best mattress guide, the sheets below have been tested first-hand. They are honestly the bedding sets I love and continue to use, depending on the season or how I'm feeling – bamboo bedding is my go-to for the summer months, but sometimes, a fresh white percale cotton set is just what I need for hotel-style comfort. 

Best bed sheets 2023

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I've sectioned this buying guide by material, so you can find the bed sheets that suit what you need, easily. If you're a hot sleeper, the cooling sheets are certainly the way to go (plush they look luxurious). Needing a breezy bed set for summer? You'll see my top three linen sets, that are soft, not scratchy. And for bedding, you can invest in for all year round, these cotton options have my (and many customers') seal of approval. 

Best bamboo bed sheets

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Best cotton bed sheets

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Best linen bed sheets

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Best organic bed sheets

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How we test bed sheets

This guide to the best bed sheets takes more than sleeping on the job. To ensure these sheets are worth the spend (these aren't any old bed sheet sets from Amazon), I've taken the time, to sleep under them during various weather conditions, launder, share with friends who have different sleep styles, and put them back on my bed again to replicate actual use as much as possible. 

In choosing which sheets make the list, we considered quality, value for the money, how easy they are to care for and put on, and of course, comfort. The color options were important too as everyone has a bedroom scheme and personal style to consider. 

For more insight into our hands-on review process, refer to our how we test review guidelines

How to choose the best bed sheets

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There are many bed sheet types to consider when choosing sheets. Made from different materials that suit sleep styles, hot weather, warm weather, and budgets, we'd suggest picking the fabric type first. Here's a quick breakdown of the materials and their constructions to help you decide: 

  • Cotton: When it comes to cotton, there are both sateen and percale finishes. Sateen is soft and smooth with a "four threads over one thread" weave. It usually sleeps a little warmer and is great in the winter months. Percale is a plainer weave, with a matte finish and a “one thread over one thread" construction. It's often described as crisp, cool, or airy, making it perfect for summer months and warmer climates
  • Linen: Suitable for year-round use, but most loved by hot sleepers, linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant that make it breathable and temperature-regulating. It's stiffer in nature with a more textured feel than cotton but does get softer with each wash. 
  • Bamboo: New to the bedding market, but quickly growing in popularity, bamboo is becoming one of the best sheet materials. Why? It has benefits that go beyond how soft it is. Naturally temperature-regulating, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial, bamboo will look after you, and the earth too. 
  • Polyester blends: typically cost less, offer increased durability, and are wrinkle-resistant, but they may not feel as natural or breathable. Microfiber sheets, also made from polyester, are extremely soft, but they too sleep hot and are linked to carrying carcinogens.

It's also important to consider price, size, and style. Figuring out your material type and budget will narrow down the search before you choose the color, and select the size you need. 


What bed sheets do 5 star hotels use?

When it comes to luxury bedding, it's all about the material and construction. The reason the sleep you had in the five-star hotel was so good, is because of their high-quality sheets. Typically, hotels use percale sheets that have a silky smooth finish to fit most sleep styles. Cool to the touch to keep hot sleepers satisfied, with a thick feel that's designed the last, hotel sheets will feel luxe, even after their daily wash. Percale is not prone to pilling, fading, or wearing. 

What sheets are best to avoid pilling?

Bedding made with longer fibers, like cotton or linen are less likely to pile than sheets made with shorter cotton fibers like polyester. Bedding with softer finishes that give the feel of pre-washed worn fabric is also more likely to pile, as the chemicals that keep the material stiff while in its packaging are stripped off. Washing and tumble drying in the machine on a high temperature setting can cause pilling due to friction and heat. But its equally important to know how to wash your bed sheets properly when it comes to preventing pilling.

When searching for the best bed sheets, you may be looking out for the best thread count specification. I've not focused on the number here as thread count is not an indication of quality, but rather how many threads are in a weft. If you're wanting the best sheets for you, focus on material, durability, and how well they'll help you sleep comfortably. 

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