Best affordable bed sheets 2024 − bring a luxurious touch to your bedroom on a budget

With the best affordable bed sheets, you don't have to compromise quality for cost. I ranked the top cheap sheets from Amazon, Target, and more for deeper sleep

Some of the best affordable bed sheets, the Bedsure Cooling Sheets, on a bed.
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You shouldn't have to spend a small fortune to sleep well. With the best affordable bed sheets, you don't have to. For less than $100, you can buy bed sheets that look good, feel better, wash well, and lie beautifully on the bed. You just have to know where to find them.

You could pick up budget bed sheets in the clearance section of a specialist sleep store, though you might have better luck shopping at a major homestore. Brands such as Casaluna at Target and RE/FINE at Wayfair offer affordable luxury, while some of the best Amazon bed sheets go for mere pennies. With so much on the market, it can be difficult to tell what is and isn't quality.

That's where I come in. As H&G's resident sleep writer, I've been lucky enough to test some of the world's best bed sheets. I can tell my cotton percale from my cotton sateen, and I know what makes a good sheet set: premium fabrics, expert craftsmanship, and a reasonable price point. 

Best affordable bed sheets: tried and trusted

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I know exactly how much you should spend on sheets to get luxury for less. To save you time and money, I've rounded up nine of the best affordable sheet sets to suit every style of sleeper. For clarity, I class anything less than $100 as affordable. That might still sound like a lot to spend on sheets, but it's the price you need to pay for a good night's sleep. 

Best affordable bed sheets

How we test the best affordable bed sheets

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We put a lot of thought into how we test bed sheets. It's more than a matter of sleeping on the job. We test bed sheets for weeks, if not months, to monitor their performance over time. We sleep through hot summer and cold winters to assess these sheets' thermoregulating properties and determine whether they suit hot or cold sleepers. We consider the look and feel of the sheets, as well as any special features: whether they're antimicrobial to bust bacteria or anti-wrinkle for a beautiful bedspread.  We strip our beds, wash the sheets, and make our beds again to see how the best affordable bed sheets weather the washing machine.

We compare all of this against the asking price to work out whether the best affordable bed sheets are worth the money. Where we haven't been able to get our hands on a sheet set, we scour the specifications and read countless customer reviews to make sure we're recommending quality.

How to choose the best affordable bed sheets

We've written an entire article about how to choose bed sheets to suit your sleep needs and budget size. If you don't have time to read the whole thing, here are the highlights. 

Outside of sales season, the bare minimum that I'd spend on sheets is $50. Anything lower is likely to be made from polyester, which is widely regarded as the worst bed sheet material: it traps heat, pills easily, and won't last longer than a few washes. Plus, it's terrible for the environment. If you're prepared to look for it, you can find affordable sheets made with premium materials and decent eco-credentials. For quality cheap sheets, try cotton, or bag a bargain on bamboo or linen.

If you're keen to shop sustainably, keep an eye out for an OEKO-TEX certification. It should feature prominently on a care tag or as part of an online product listing. If bed sheets are STANDARD 100 certified, then they're made free from harmful chemicals, such as dyes and bleaches.

Best affordable bed sheets FAQs

How much should bed sheets cost?

You should plan to spend somewhere between $50 and $100 on bed sheets. Much less, and you're paying a low price for a poor product: much more, and you're moving into the territory of the best luxury bedding.

Where can I buy affordable bed sheets?

If you're smart about it, you could pick up a set of the best affordable bed sheets at a specialist sleep store. Sites such as Brooklinen and Quince run regular sales that offer deep discounts on their bed sheets. 

If you're buying on a budget, I'd encourage you to consider the range at your local home retailer. At Wayfair, that's RE/FINE, the bedding brand for elevated essentials: at Target, it's Casaluna, which makes luxury linen at a price that everyone can afford.

How do you know if bed sheets are good quality?

Don't be fooled into thinking that a higher thread count means better quality: that's one of the biggest bed sheet mistakes you can make. All thread count indicates is how many threads are woven into one square inch of fabric: that is, how tightly the fabric is woven. If you're a hot sleeper, or you're looking for lighter linens, you might not even want a tight weave, but something looser and more breathable.

When you're shopping for the best affordable bed sheets, it's far more important to consider the quality of the material and the type of weave. Linen and bamboo bed sheets are among the best you can buy. They're naturally thermoregulating to suit all seasons and sleep styles. 

Cotton bed sheets are a classic for a reason, but I'd encourage you to shop for long-staple cotton with a single-ply weave: that's what makes thick, durable sheets. Cheaper cotton sheets tend to feature a poly-ply weave, which incorporates thinner threads to achieve the same effect as one thick fiber. Poly-ply sheets tend to pile quicker, and they won't wash as well.

Final thoughts

When you select a set of cheap sheets, you could save hundreds of dollars to spend on what matters most: the best mattress to suit your sleep needs. If you know you need a new mattress, but you're working to a tighter budget, you should narrow to search to the best affordable mattress from stores such as Nectar, Emma, and Leesa.

Once you've bought a set of the best affordable bed sheets, it's important to take good care of them. It's worth learning how to wash bed sheets to extend the life of your linen. 

Emilia Hitching
Sleep Editor

Emilia is our resident sleep writer. She spends her days tracking down the lowest prices on the best bedding and spends her nights testing it out from the comfort of her own home – it's a dream job. Her quest to learn how to sleep better has taken her all around the world, from mattress factories in Arizona to sleep retreats in Scandinavia. Before she joined Homes & Gardens, Emilia studied English at the University of Oxford. She also worked on the other side of the aisle, writing press releases for regional newspapers and crafting copy for Sky.