The best luxury bedding in 2024, selected by a sleep and shopping expert

Have a peek at H&G's luxury bedding wish list, including silk comforters, sateen sheets, plush pillows and cozy throws

Luxury bedding from Frette on a bed against gold walls.
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The best luxury bedding should last a lifetime. When you're paying a premium for sustainable materials, quality craftsmanship, and timeless design, that's what you deserve.

From Vera Wang to Ralph Lauren, some of the biggest names in fashion have turned their hands to luxury bedding. If you're not careful, you could spend thousands of dollars on sheets and shams at these stores. With so much selling at such high prices, it can be hard to balance quality with cost. 

That's where I come in. As H&G's resident sleep writer, I've been lucky enough to sample some of the world's best bedding. I know that the best places to buy bedding aren't the big-name brands, but the specialist sleep stores, from Frette and Matouk to Brooklinen and Boll & Branch. I've spent hours searching my favorite sites to bring you the best luxury bedding at the fairest prices. 

Best luxury bedding in 2024

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Full disclosure: I haven't tried and tested every single piece of luxury bedding on this list. My linen closet, and my pay packet, are only so big. Where I haven't been able to get my hands on an item, I've scoured the specifications and read countless customer reviews to make sure I'm recommending the best luxury bedding.  

The best luxury bed sheets

Before you drop hundreds of dollars on a bedding bundle, it's worth considering the pros and cons of all the different bed sheet types. Cotton sateen should feel silky and smooth against your skin. It's ideal for sensitive sleepers, but it's a little high-maintenance and prone to pilling. Then, there's cool and crisp cotton percale, which might be more suitable for sensitive sleepers. Percale is simply woven, so it's less likely to pill, but it is prone to wrinkling. Bamboo bedding is more expensive, but it's a more sustainable option to suit eco-conscious shoppers. Linen is durable and breathable – and, in the hands of the right weaver, it can feel luxurious. 

The best luxury comforters

When you're shopping for the best duvet inserts and comforters, there are two terms to remember: down and down alternative. Down products are filled with duck and goose feathers. The gaps between those feathers create thousands of tiny air pockets, which boost breathability and maintains loft. Sensitive sleepers might not want to sleep under down and prefer down alternative. That could mean anything from smooth silk to eucalyptus lyocell, and even alpaca wool. 

The best luxury quilts

A stylish quilt or coverlet should look just as good spread over the edge of your bed as tucked beneath your sheets or even spread across your sofa seat. If you live in a temperate climate, you might prefer to sleep under a quilt in the summer months, and return to your comforter as the weather starts to turn. A velvet quilt would add a touch of glamor to your bedspread, while a waffle cotton knit could provide touchable texture. 

The best luxury throw pillows

Nobody needs a throw pillow (or two, or five). Unlike sheets, quilts, and comforters, even the best throw pillows can't be considered sleep essentials. Perhaps that's why it feels so indulgent to cuddle up in all the cushions. Throw pillows come in every size, shape, and color, and present an easy opportunity to elevate your ordinary bedspread. I like the look and feel of a sheepskin pillow, though you might prefer classic cotton or cashmere. 

The best luxury pillows

The hallmark of a luxury pillow is custom comfort. As part of my research for this article, I spent hours searching the sites of specialist sleep stores, on the hunt for the  best pillows. I found a common thread: adjustability. Some pillows come in several densities, to suit back, front, or side sleepers. Others are filled with clusters of feathers or synthetic fluff, which you can reach in and remove until the pillow reaches your ideal height. 

Where to buy luxury bedding

For luxury bed linen, you can't go wrong with Matouk. Use their search filters to select your favorite fabrics and colors to find the sheet set that suits your sleep needs and sense of style. If you like the look, you could shop for complementary blankets, pillows, comforters, and even bath towels. 

Brooklinen offers affordable luxury across a huge range of products and style. Whether you're shopping for a mulberry silk pillowcase. organic cotton sheets, or a bumper bedding bundle, you'll find it for a fair price at Brooklinen. 

If you're keen to shop sustainably, you'll find a lot to like at Avocado. Just like their award-winning mattresses, Avocado bedding is ethically sourced and expertly made. Unlike a lot of luxury sleep stores, Avocado boasts an extensive range of children's bedding, specifically designed to support growing sleepers. 

Best luxury bedding FAQs

Is luxury bedding worth it?

When you're shopping for premium products, you can't be surprised by premium price tags. The best luxury bedding is reasonably priced, when you consider the time, effort, and money that's gone into developing designs, sourcing sustainable materials, and recruiting quality craftsmen. If you can't afford to drop hundreds of dollars on luxury bedding, but you're keen to upgrade your sleep, you should consider a set of the best affordable bed sheets, instead. 

What's the most comfortable luxury bedding?

It's really a matter of materials. If you suffer from night sweats or hot flashes, or you simply tend to run a little warm, you should seek out something breathable, such as bamboo or linen. These materials are naturally moisture-wicking and should keep you just the right side of cool and comfortable. If you live in a colder climate, or you tend to sleep cool, you should consider thermoregulating fabrics, such as silk or alpaca wool. These materials should warm you up without forcing you to overheat. 

Final thoughts

Once you've bought a luxury bedding set, it's even more important to take good care of it. Make sure to avoid these bedding laundry mistakes if you want to get the most out of your purchase. 

If you still have some cash left over, and you're really keen to upgrade your sleep, it could be time to invest in the best luxury mattress to suit your sleep style. There are firm mattresses to support back and stomach sleepers, as well as softer surfaces to suit side sleepers, from specialist sleep stores, such as Plushbeds and Saatva. 

Emilia Hitching
Sleep Editor

Emilia is our resident sleep writer. She spends her days tracking down the lowest prices on the best bedding and spends her nights testing it out from the comfort of her own home – it's a dream job. Her quest to learn how to sleep better has taken her all around the world, from mattress factories in Arizona to sleep retreats in Scandinavia. Before she joined Homes & Gardens, Emilia studied English at the University of Oxford. She also worked on the other side of the aisle, writing press releases for regional newspapers and crafting copy for Sky.