Best luxury bedding: 24 beautiful options for a detailed touch

Decorate your bedroom with exquisite luxury bedding from Sferra, Matouk, Frette, and so much more...

Frette luxury bedding
(Image credit: Frette)

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, so it only makes sense to fill this relaxing space with exquisite things, like luxury bedding, for one, that is soft and inviting. 

Whether you go with an embellished duvet or incorporate detail with throw pillows, your bed is the focal point of the bedroom, so it's important to consider how you want to design your bedroom. We live with the mantra that you sleep better when you love the space you're in.  Now, don't overlook the foundations that make your bedroom comfortable like the best mattress or the best pillows, but the following picks are sure to add some luxurious oomph to the space you start and end your days. 

1. Transform your space with the loveliest duvet covers

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Whether your style is sleek and understated, or textured and ornate, the bedding you choose sets the tone and mood of your bedroom. 

2. And don't forget a fresh comforter insert

A good comforter should last you years, and with this in mind, it's something that is truly worth splurging on. But, if you find yourself overheating, not warm enough, or your once fluffy and full comforter is clumpy or flat, it's time to  Prioritize responsibly sourced down if you can't resist the rich properties of down, though today's down alternatives can feel just as luxe and well-suite to those with allergies. Or, consider alternative comforters made of silk, wool, or other natural materials.  

3. Or welcome warmer weather with a quilt or coverlet

If you live in a warmer climate, a sturdy quilt or coverlet might be all you desire to give your room a breezy feel, but they also make a great layering piece if you're after an extremely full bed. 

4. Make easy updates with throw pillows

5. Layer up with throw blankets, too

It seems we find ourselves collecting amassing a selection of the best throw blankets, which makes it so easy to place around the house, arrange in different ways and swap out with ease. Drape a throw over your bed for added dimension and easy reach for chilly nights. From natural textiles like cotton and alpaca to indulgent faux fur and sherpa, can you really go wrong in your decisions? 

6. Crisp new sheets will revive your bed 

We equate the best sheets to that old quote about shoes: If they fit, you're going to want to buy them in every color. Applying this same principle to bedding, if the sheets feel great against your skin, buy multiple sets. Whether you're after a cool and crisp or soft and cozy feel, these sets are sure to impress.