Sage green bedding is on our must-have list for spring – here we test Piglet in Bed, the sustainable luxury brand everyone is talking about

Made from fresh, light linen, the Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle looks and feels perfect for spring

Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle against a green wall.
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Homes & Gardens Verdict

I'd recommend the Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle to hot sleepers and style-savvy shoppers. Each flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcase, and duvet cover is made from linen, which is breathable and beautiful. If you don't mind a little texture in your sheets, and you're happy to pay for premium bedding, then you should get on very well with this luxe linen set.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Ideal for hot sleepers

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    Pre-washed for softness

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    OEKO-TEX certified

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Reasons to avoid
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    On the more expensive side

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    Prone to wrinkling

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I told the team in the office that I was testing the Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle, and they were so jealous. Piglet in Bed has become a byword for sustainable luxury. Each flat sheet, fitted sheet, duvet cover, and pillowcase is woven from 100% European flax into light and airy linen, then dyed in a wide range of cool colors.

I tested the Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle in February, as the weather fluctuated between sunny spells and frosty nights. Since linen is naturally thermoregulating, this bedding bundle kept me cool on warmer days and cozy on colder ones. 

As H&G's resident sleep writer, I've been lucky enough to sample some of the world's best bed sheets. I've grown to love the look and feel of linen, but I understand that it's not for everyone. Sensitive sleepers might prefer something softer, such as cotton sateen, while neat freaks might appreciate the structure of cotton percale.

Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle review

I tested the Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle in my family home. I didn't just sleep on these sheets: I washed them, dried them, and compared them against the best linen sheets. As soon as I finished testing, my mom stole these sheets from the linen closet and laid them out on her own bed: in fairness, they do complement her bedroom color palette beautifully.

Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle Specifications

Corner of a Sage Green Duvet Cover.

(Image credit: Piglet in Bed)
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SizesTwin, Full, Queen, King, California King
Materials100% European flax
OEKO-TEX certifiedStandard 100
IncludesFlat sheet, fitted sheet, duvet covers, pillowcases

Who would the Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle suit?

Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedding Bundle on a bed from the side.

(Image credit: Future / Emilia Hitching)
  • Hot sleepers: made from hollow flax fibers and loosely woven with plenty of air pockets, linen is highly breathable. The Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle should keep you warm in the winter and cool for the summer. Naturally moisture-wicking and anti-microbial, linen busts the bacteria that breed in hot, damp environments, such as bedrooms, to help you feel and smell fresh.
  • Sensitive sleepers: don't be fooled by the coarse texture. Linen is hypoallergenic, which means it's suitable for sleepers with sensitive skin. Plus, the Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle comes pre-washed for softness, so it should feel even softer against your skin.

Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedding Bundle on a bed against a cream wall.

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  • Eco-conscious shoppers: a good set of linen sheets should withstand nightly wear and tear, as well as countless cycles in the washing machine. My parents still sleep in a set of linen sheets that came as a wedding present more than 25 years ago. Linen is extremely long-wearing, not to mention biodegradable.
  • Anyone who wants to bring color into the bedroom: I shopped the set in Sage Green, but you could buy a Piglet in Bed Bedtime Bundle in countless colors. You'll find cool neutrals in the Oatmeal Stripe Bedtime Bundle and warm tones in the Burnt Orange Linen Bedtime Bundle, or you could always create a bespoke bedspread with the Mix & Match Linen Bundle. Each linen set starts from the same price, though the cotton percale sets are often listed for less.

What is the Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle like to sleep on?

Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedding Bundle on a bed with sunlight streaming through the windows.

(Image credit: Future / Emilia Hitching)

Before I started testing the Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle, I was skeptical. I couldn't believe that linen, which looks so coarse, could feel soft. I have super-sensitive skin, the sort that breaks out in a rash at the slightest irritation, and I wondered whether these linen sheets would turn out to be itchy and scratchy. 

I was quickly proved wrong. The Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle felt soft against my skin. I was particularly impressed with the pillowcases. Since linen is naturally thermoregulating, these cases dissipate heat and wick moisture, so that you always feel like you're sleeping on the cold side of the pillow.

Close up on the buttons on the Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedding Bundle.

(Image credit: Future / Emilia Hitching)

Unlike a lot of bedding bundles, Piglet in Bed include a duvet cover, in addition to their flat and fitted sheets. The Full-sized cover was a perfect match for my comforter and incorporates these cute little coconut shell buttons to seal everything up. These fastenings look good, and they do good, too, removing and repurposing food waste.

The sage green color was super-saturated and didn't fade with successive cycles in the washing machine. Linen takes to dye exceptionally well, thanks to those hollow flax fibers. 

There's only one thing I didn't like about the Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle: its propensity to wrinkle. Like a lot of natural fabrics, linen is prone to wrinkles. It's all to do with the chemical composition of the plant fibers. As moisture evaporates from the linen, it tends to crease. You can control the creasing by air drying your linen and giving it a good shake before you fold it and store it, but you'll never get super-smooth linen sheets.

How does the Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle rate online?

Close up on a Piglet in Bed Sage Green Fitted Sheet.

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The Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle boasts a perfect five-star average on Trustpilot. Happy customers praise the quality of the linen, as well as the depth of the color. This is no quick and easy paint job, but a painstaking process using natural dyes for the best results. 

The only real complaint concerns the cost, but I like to think of luxury bedding as an investment. You're spending a few hundred dollars now on something that will last to save spending thousands on cheaper pieces that wear out every few years. With that said, buyers on a strict budget might be better off with a set of the best affordable bed sheets. 

Should I buy the Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle?

Close up on Piglet in Bed Sage Green Pillowcases.

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The Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedtime Bundle retails for around $390, though it's often listed for less during federal holiday deals and site-wide sales. Even at a deep discount, that's still a lot to spend on sheets, but your money goes a long way when you shop at Piglet in Bed. That's $390 for a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, a duvet cover, and two pillowcases, woven from authentic European flax into super-soft linen to last you decades. 

If you like the look of and the ethos behind Piglet in Bed, but you just can't afford to spend that much on sheets, I'd encourage you to consider their cotton percale collection. The Pear Washed Cotton Percale Bundle offers a similar look and feel to the Sage Green Linen for a fraction of the price.

How we test bedding

Piglet in Bed Sage Green Bedding Bundle folded on top of the mattress.

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We put a lot of thought into how we test bedding. It's more than a matter of sleeping on the job. Our expert testers sample bedding for weeks, if not months, to monitor its performance over time. We sleep through heat waves and cold snaps to assess its thermoregulating properties. The best bedding should keep you just the right side of cool and dry. 

'Bedding' is a catch-all term that encompasses a whole host of products: bed sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and comforters, to name a few. The best bedding should look good, feel good, wash well, and lie beautifully on the bed. Although we tend to test each item in a bedding bundle at the same time, the testing process for each product looks a little different. We might pay more attention to the fit of a pillowcase or duvet cover, which are made to wrap around other items, than a set of sheets or a comforter, which are designed to stand alone. 

We're also interested in the durability of bedding. That's why we strip our beds, wash our sheets, and make our beds again to understand how the bedding weathers cycles in the washing machine and tumble dryer. 

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