Ashley Tisdale's dining room taps into one of 2024's biggest organic trends with a 'timeless appeal'

The High School Musical star's entertaining space is warm and minimal, with smooth woods creating a cozy ambiance

Ashley Tisdale
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When in doubt, go natural. That's the ethos of the ever-enduring organic modern trend anyway, and it's one that we still stand by. Defined by its combination of naturally sourced materials like wood and linen alongside contemporary silhouettes, the trend has been taking over the interior world for quite some time now, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Ashley Tisdale, whose excellent taste in interiors has translated into her home and wellness line, Frenshe, recently posted a photo of her dining room on Instagram, and it does organic modern to a tee. 

The sun-dappled dining room is thoughtfully decorated with a warm wood table and chairs, which serve in contrast to the black and white, modern light fixture hanging from the beamed ceiling.

Although the organic modern trend tends to have a minimal appearance, experts say that it's important to be mindful of balancing natural and contemporary elements into a space.

'With a balance of natural materials and a neutral color palette, it's easy to see the timeless appeal of the organic modern design trend,' says Masonite's Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer Renaud. 'Homeowners who want to embrace the warm minimalism of organic modern should incorporate rich woods in cabinetry that flow to the doors in the room, not only matching in color but also in shaker style to emphasize the clean lines of the space.'

Jennifer Renaud
Jennifer Renaud

Jennifer Renaud is a C-suite leader at Masonite, a leading global designer and manufacturer of interior and exterior doors for renovation, remodeling and new home construction. She can speak to trends in interior design, DIY ideas, improving curb appeal and how to make spaces in your home brighter, quieter, more secure and more energy efficient.

Just as mixing metals can create dimension and contrast in a sleek space, experimenting with both light and dark woods ensures the organic modern space maintains visual interest. 

'Balance the wood tones in the dining room by incorporating different species of wood for the tables and chairs to create more design diversity,' Renaud suggests. 'This intentional choice reinforces the organic modern style's blend of natural elements with the simplicity of modern aesthetics, creating a cohesive space.'

coastal farmhouse style dining room with rustic elements and natural rug

(Image credit: Ryann Swan)

With plenty of textural detail and a range of colors, the organic modern trend sticks out as a design that both soothes and exhilarates.

'I believe the trend has become popular as a response to the over-saturation of a clean and purely minimalist aesthetic that we've seen in the past few years,' says Albi Serfati, co-founder and creative director at Aqua Creations Luminary Design Studio. 'There is a craving for 'less order' and the organic modern style is an answer that doesn't stray too far away from what is popular, yet adds a touch of excitement.'

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