Bella Hadid's all-white living room has an innovative, contemporary twist – it gives numerous benefits to her space

The model's living room is a refreshing take on the all-white space, and experts love its ageless aesthetic

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An oversaturation of cold, stark, all-white spaces has caused a shift away from the color scheme. At the same time, white is a classic shade with a timeless appeal. New and innovative takes on the hue are needed to remind us of the beauty that white paint can bring to a space. Bella Hadid's home is one such reminder.

The model's industrial living room is color-drenched in white. From the ceilings, to the walls to the trim on her windows, everything is white. But the space is anything but boring. Large garage windows stretch from floor to ceiling, filing her space with natural light. A monstera plant adds a pop of color under the stylish hanging lights and contemporary table lamps. Hadid's charcoal-colored sofa contributes visual contrast.

While the white living room forms a base, it's the details that shine. Jennifer Ebert, Digital Editor at Homes & Gardens, states: 'What stands out most to me in this space is the huge garage windows. They add a cool, industrial edge to the living room as well as fill the room with light. This looks especially good in an all-white room, where the light reflects off the surfaces to make the room appear even brighter.'



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Ebert continues, 'The living room lighting also has powerful impacts. The hanging lightbulb-style lights on the ceiling contribute to the industrial vibe of Hadid's space, while the contemporary lamps on the table help create a contrast. The round lamp contrasts with the sharp lines of the windows, and the soft of the lampshade on the taller lamp provides a textural shift. The large monstera plants help to tie the entire look all together.'

Though decorating with white can be a risk, when carefully ideated, planned, and executed, it can pay off. Bella Hadid's space is just one stylish piece of proof.

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