Bella Hadid uses this design trend to ensure 'sophistication meets natural tranquility' in her living room

Rustic architectural features meet chic accents in the model's living space – and experts say it 'epitomizes the essence of modern organic design'

Bella Hadid
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If anyone is synonymous with rustic, cowgirl-inspired style, it's Bella Hadid. The supermodel, known for her country-esque outfits (most recently complete with a cowgirl hat), is no stranger to rustic living – between caring for horses and visiting ranches and stockyards around the country – so it's only right that her passion translates to her interiors, too.  

The answer to Hadid's rustic-chic prayers? Enter – the organic modern trend: 2024's most accessible design aesthetic that blends modern styles with naturalistic elements for timeless results. Hadid tapped into the trend in her living room – a space that combines soft neutrals and varying textures with harsher elements, notably her wooden architectural features and exposed stone wall. It's a look that hasn't gone unnoticed by designers, including New York-based Nina Lichtenstein. 

'Bella Hadid's living room epitomizes the essence of organic modern design – a harmonious blend of soft, neutral tones with raw, textural elements that create a captivating visual and tactile experience. Stepping into this space feels like entering a sanctuary where sophistication meets natural tranquility.' Lichtenstein comments. 

'Hadid's design ethos revolves around juxtaposition, balancing softness with edge. She beautifully marries the softness of neutral hues like ivory, beige, and warm grays with the raw, unrefined textures of stone and wood. The room boasts a striking stone accent wall, anchoring the space with its rugged allure and commanding presence. Complementing this focal point, a wood accent beam positioned between the windows and French doors, along with inset wood shelves, amplifies its captivating essence. 

The contrast between soft, neutral colors and varying textures and harsher features like the stone wall and the use of wood sets the stage for a charming interplay.'

Nina Lichtenstein
Nina Lichtenstein

Nina Lichtenstein is the founder and principal home designer at her eponymous design studio, based in Westchester, NY. Nina believes that home design should capture a family’s unique spirit by how it serves the family's daily needs while nourishing the soul. She has been celebrated for designing, renovating, and building elegant living spaces. 

Replicating the look is simple. In most cases, we should decorate with neutrals to create a versatile base that allows our textures and accessories to add just the right amount of interest. It keeps the space primarily neutral and soothing but never boring.

'The choice of soft, neutral colors in Hadid's organic modern living room – on the walls, furnishings, and accessories – creates textural depth and imbues the space with a sense of calm and openness,' Lichtenstein says.

'A striking rug, soft throw pillows and cushions, and a tactile throw invite touch and create layers of comfort. These soft textures counterbalance the rawness of the stone wall, inset wood shelves, wood accent beam, and wooden furniture, offering a tactile richness that beckons relaxation.'

flowered sofa in farmhouse living room

A rustic living room utilizing textures like Hadid's space.

(Image credit: Future Owns)

'The space is a testament to the art of balance in design – softening harsh elements with a palette of soothing neutrals and soft textures This approach invites comfort without sacrificing style, creating an inviting space that reflects both modern sensibility and organic warmth,' Lichtenstein adds.

'To recreate this aesthetic, focus on layering textures, incorporating natural materials, and maintaining a cohesive color scheme. Ultimately, it's about curating a space that feels personal, serene, and effortlessly chic—a true reflection of modern living.'

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