7 organic modern living room ideas that balance comfort and style

Create a relaxing scheme with these organic modern living room ideas, courtesy of interior designers

Organic modern living room ideas
(Image credit: Urbanology Designs & Matti Gresham/Studio ARGUS/FARE INC & Helen Cathcart)

Pared-back and filled with warm neutral tones, organic modern living rooms are a go-to design style for a cozy yet elevated scheme. While there is always a place for colorful, pattern-filled spaces, creating a room that feels peaceful and relaxing is important if you require a tranquil escape.

This living room design blends minimalist style with sustainable materials and nature-inspired decor. The organic modern trend is centered around creating a space that is cozy and comfortable, yet still feels elevated and sophisticated. Striking this balance can be tricky, but with the right design choices, you can create a cohesive scheme you'll never want to leave.

To help you design a room that captures the essence and principles of this calming style, we've asked interior designers to share their favorite modern organic living room ideas to inspire your own space.

7 chic yet calming organic modern living room ideas

'Organic Modern design style is about an effortless blend of minimalism, nature, and comfort. Elevated yet cozy, sophisticated yet warm – there are some defining design elements that help to create organic modern interiors,' says Ewa Podgórska, owner and principal at Sova Studio

Think warm neutrals, earthy tones, hints of nature, and organic lines – these suggestions from experts will help you execute a successful organic modern living room scheme. 

1. Layer neutral colors

neutral corner of living room with large rug, fireplace and cream armchair

(Image credit: Ruggable/Jeneva Bell)

Color is the base of every interior design style, and is a key component for setting the mood and atmosphere of a room. When it comes to an organic modern living room, opt for a blend of neutral tones to evoke a sense of calm without leaving the room feeling flat.

'When choosing paint colors for an organic modern living room, layer neutrals to bring added warmth and depth to the design. Colors should evoke feelings of comfort and sophistication, and have a natural feel to them,' says Arianna Barone, Color Marketing Manager at Benjamin Moore.

Try to introduce tones of white with warmer neutral shades to create depth and interest. Don't be afraid to add stronger hues for a pop of color, but try to stick to a natural, earth-inspired palette. 'Look to the saturation levels to create additional contrast and bring in bolder colors. Consider deep, earthy hues for accents like Black Bean Soup 2130-10, El Cajon Clay 1260 and Dark Olive 2140-30,' Arianna adds.

2. Embrace a more rustic style

Organic modern living room with a white sofa and dark wood console table

(Image credit: FARE INC/Helen Cathcart)

Rustic elements are key to nailing the organic style in a living room, so introduce a blend of textures and more fluid lines through decor. 'Our Archers Warehouse project epitomizes organic modern design, blending clean minimalism and sleek lines with nature-inspired shapes, organic textures, and rustic elements,' says Annie Harrison, founder & creative director at FARE INC.

'We enhanced the space's rustic charm by employing tactile paints and rustic-grade flooring. Additionally, we opted for monochromatic Scandinavian decor and furniture, complemented by eclectic brutalist and eastern treasures, to infuse a touch of modernity into the space,' she adds.

3. Use natural materials and textures

Organic modern living room with a brown sofa and earthy green curtains

(Image credit: Studio ARGUS)

There are nods to natural elements and materials in the organic modern trend, so introducing fabrics that fall under this style is key. This can be done through cushions, rugs, curtains, or even furniture upholstery.

'I focus on simplicity and authenticity in design, reflecting a desire for calm and balance. This approach involves carefully curating textures that invite touch and a nuanced color palette that speaks volumes in its subtlety,' explains Margit Argus, founder at Studio ARGUS

'By blending materials such as textured fabrics like linen and wool with smooth surfaces like glass and metals, I aim to create tactile experiences that elevate the sensory aspects of the space. I incorporate natural materials such as wood, stone, and leather into the furniture and decor, opting for pieces with clean lines and minimalistic designs to maintain a modern aesthetic,' she adds.

4. Mix organic shaped furniture with modern accents

Organic modern living room with a white sofa, cream curtains and a textured rug

(Image credit: Sova Studio/Margaret Rose Larson)

To introduce a balance of modern and organic, try to add cozy seating and organic-shaped furniture alongside more modern finishes. In this living room color scheme by Sova Studio, contemporary black details have been added through the windows and lighting, offering a balance of styles.

'Our Wonder Loft apartment is the perfect example of the organic modern style. The oversized cushy sectional in natural linen anchors the space. It is balanced by two curvy armchairs in soft boucle fabric in an earthy celadon green shade. A custom coffee table in an organic shape is set on a plush wool rug, making the space feel cozy and inviting, creating an effortless flow, which is key an organic modern room,' says Ewa Podgórska

'Modern black accents, including the Moooi pendant connect with the oversized windows of the loft. To soften the industrial style of the loft’s windows, we added buttery-soft creme wool curtains, which not only add that softness but also elevate the space,' she adds.

5. Incorporate Wabi-Sabi

neutral living room with low key luxe style

(Image credit: Gunter & Co./Madeleine Tolle)

While the organic element of the design style refers to shapes in furniture and decor, it also eludes to the ethos that items don't need to be perfect, so introducing pieces that feel used and rustic can add interest to your living room scheme.

'Getting the feel of organic modern design for your living room means leaning into the idea of embracing imperfection, or Wabi-Sabi,' says interior designer Lisa Holt. 'It’s finding beauty in the flawed, or the irregular. This could mean a hand-thrown ceramic vase, a weathered wooden stool, or a piece of abstract art,' she adds.

6. Introduce decor that transcends trends

Organic modern living room with white walls and high ceilings. Large windows allow natural light to flood the space, white house plants bring life to the space. Large cozy sofas add comfort, and an organic shaped wooden coffee table centres the scheme

(Image credit: Urbanology Designs/Matti Gresham)

Although organic modern style has specific design elements, it's important to choose furniture and decor that feels timeless, and will therefore create the look you are going for while still transcending interior design trends. Creating a scheme that feels luxurious while aiding the creation of a space that promotes wellbeing is core to this design style.

'Inspired by nature through textures and warmth, organic modern living rooms seamlessly blend a relaxed environment with luxurious details evident in the fabric's quality and the impeccable craftsmanship of the furnishings. Exuding an effortless, unstyled charm, they radiate authenticity while embracing forward-thinking design elements with interesting artifacts and artwork that tells a story,' says Ginger Curtis, founder and CEO at Urbanology Designs

'We firmly believe that exceptional design transcends mere aesthetics, fostering a living environment that nurtures both the soul and well-being.This approach isn't merely about adorning spaces with objects; it's about curating a lifestyle that embodies curiosity and authenticity,' she adds.

7. Bring in elements of nature

Neutral living room with console table behind sofa

(Image credit: McGee & Co)

The influence of nature features heavily in organic modern designs, so try introducing plants and greenery in some way. 'Make sure you’ve included some type of live plants. Pick something that works for your space and light conditions, and is either a supporting player, or an important focal point. Consider a statement fiddle leaf fig, or maybe just a cluster of succulents, but plants add a layer of texture and color that's an important element of the Organic Modern style,' says Lisa Holt.

Plants aren't the only way to infuse nature into your living room, simply maximizing the connection between inside and outside will make all the difference. 'I integrate elements of nature into the space, such as indoor plants, natural light, and where possible, views of the outdoors. This connection with nature enhances the organic feel of the room, further contributing to its sense of tranquility and harmony,' adds Margit Argus.

A successful organic modern living room blends warm neutrals, natural textures and organic shapes to create a scheme that feels calming and timeless. This style balances sophisticated luxury and a more rustic, lived-in style, so introduces a fusion of beautiful fabrics with time-worn decor. This aesthetic offers space for adding personality, so don't be afraid to infuse your own style into your living room scheme – creating a space that makes you feel relaxed and at home is at the heart of this style.

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