The unexpected reason why Bobby Berk hates interior design trends – especially this one

The Queer Eye interior designer calls himself 'anti-trend.' There's one trend he's especially 'sick of'

bobby berk of queer eye
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Netflix's Queer Eye became popular largely because of its inspiring message of encouraging individuality, self-love, and fearless acceptance. As the show's long-standing role interior designer then, it makes sense that Bobby Berk is not one for following the pack when it comes to designing homes. Homes & Gardens got the chance to speak with the iconic designer about his partnership with Spotify, and he told us he swears against designing based on what's trending.

Bobby told H&G exclusively:  'I always say that I'm anti-trend,' when asked about his relationship to interior design trends. He continued: I'm anti-trend because I really believe that you should design for what makes you happy.' Bobby embraces this philosophy in all aspects of his life, from encouraging people to create unique soundscapes for their home using Spotify to striking out on his own to create a Bobby Berk design show.

However, to Bobby, ignoring home decor trends is about more than marching to the tune of your own drummer; it also has a surprising financial motivation. He said: 'You shouldn't design for what trend is happening right now because trends can really date your home. He continued, 'If you're designing by trend instead of just designing by what you love, not only is your home not going to fill you up and be the space that is perfect for you, but it's also not going to be timeless, and when you go to sell your home you might need to redo it again.' To create timeless rooms, Bobby argues, you should design based on what you love rather than what's most popular at a given time.

Though Bobby believes that trends in general are an interior design mistake, there is one he especially dislikes. He told us: ' There is a trend that I'm sick of. In LA they keep tearing down cute little bungalows and building modern farmhouse mega-mansions. They have the wire and the a-frame and the black and the stone's just it's too much. There are just too many different materials on them. My rule of thumb for the exterior of a home is it should have no more than three materials- if it has more than three materials it starts to look like a Vegas casino.'

Whether you swear by interior design trends or disdain them, home decor style is a deeply personal choice. Bobby Berk certainly knows it. While trends can act as a helpful road map, the way you design your home is up to one person: you.

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