Brie Larson proves neutrals are the ultimate timeless decor style – design experts weigh in

There are endless benefits to a neutral home, according to the design experts

Brie Larson
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Perhaps one of the most steadfast decor styles in the world of interiors is decorating with neutrals. Known for their ability to create a calming backdrop in the home that embraces minimalist design, neutral colors are embraced year after year by designers and homeowners alike thanks to their timeless appeal.

Encapturing the classic charm of neutrals, Brie Larson is providing us with lots of inspiration to channel this design style in her recent Instagram post; displaying cream walls and a soft beige shade of curtain which is contrasted with the wooden ceiling that creates a rustic feel. 

'Many spaces are designed with abundant beauty, so much so our eye, or our mind, doesn’t know where to focus our attention. I’m other words, if everything is beautiful, nothing is beautiful. No element really stands out. Neutral design allows for what we really value or really love to stand out,' explains founder of RHG Architecture and Design Rachael H Grochowski.

According to interior designer Esther Chi, there is a wide range of benefits to working with a neutral palette in the home, starting off with its versatility. She says: 'Neutrals serve as a blank canvas that can accommodate various styles, textures, and accent colors. Whether you're aiming for a minimalist modern look or a cozy rustic feel, a neutral base provides the flexibility to layer on different design elements. It allows for easy updates, meaning you can refresh the décor without undergoing a complete overhaul.'

Interior Designer
Esther Chi
Interior Designer
Esther Chi

Esther is a certified interior designer accredited by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification who works from Maryland. She also holds the title of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design accredited professional (LEED AP), demonstrating her commitment to sustainable design practices with the US Green Building Council.

Opting for neutral colors can also make a room feel larger, as Chi suggests: 'Lighter shades can reflect light more efficiently, thereby creating a sense of airiness. This is a valuable quality for smaller spaces or rooms with limited natural light. A neutral palette can give the impression of a more expansive, welcoming area.'

If you are considering embracing a neutral palette in the home, Chi has a few key styling tips she suggests adhering to: 'It’s important to avoid a flat or monotonous look. Introduce various textures, patterns, and accent colors to add depth and interest.'

'Additionally, the use of natural materials like wood or stone can infuse warmth into the space. Pay attention to undertones; not all neutrals are created equal, and the subtle undertones can either harmonize or clash with other elements in the room. Lastly, consider the lighting conditions, as neutral colors can appear different under various types of light,' Chi concludes.

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