Courteney Cox's grounding exterior paint color is the perfect shade for 'sun-soaked climates,' experts say

The actress's home promotes relaxation and blends perfectly with her natural surroundings – and color experts love the look

Courteney Cox
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You only get one chance to make a first impression. In the world of homes, that first impression is heavily determined by the exterior paint color of a house. Not only do you want to create a positive impact on guests, but to feel proud of your home as you drive up to it. A paint color that complements the surroundings is one of the best ways to do this. Courteney Cox's home is a masterclass.

The actress's contemporary style home in Malibu uses a brown-gray exterior paint color. The neutral, natural shade blends perfectly with the beachy California background and as the sun reflects off of Cox's home it creates a warm and grounding feel. The beauty of the color is emphasizes by Cox's artful landscaping including a gray slate walkway and bushes by the house.

It's plain to see that the color looks beautiful on the home, but its impacts go beyond aesthetics. 'Subtle and calming stony neutrals such as this are a beautiful choice for exterior paintwork, particularly in sun-soaked climates, as they will blend effortlessly with your surroundings,' says Charlotte Cosby, creative director at Farrow & Ball. The color not only stands out on its own but enhances its surroundings.

farrow and ball creative director charlotte cosby
Charlotte Cosby

Charlotte began her career in finance, but she soon realized that her heart was in the creative world and she moved to Farrow & Ball in 2006. She has full responsibility for creative direction, including product development, brand identity, photography, showroom design and much more. Charlotte is passionate about pattern, colour and design.

Charlotte continues, 'Neutral paint colors with a strong brown undertone pair beautifully with foliage and give you the freedom to tone your front door, woodwork, or railings with darker or lighter accent colors. Using more earth-toned colors creates a grounding and comforting atmosphere. Furthermore, these paints are incredibly versatile.' We see this versatility on Cox's home, where the paint color looks different depending on how the light is hitting it and what plants it is near.

For those hoping to recreate Cox's gorgeous exterior paint color, Charlotte recommends that readers try a shade like London Stone or Stony Ground. Before painting, be sure to refresh yourself on how to paint the exterior of a house and be sure to choose the proper paint finish for the style of your home.

Repainting the exterior is one of the most impactful updates you can make on a house. Especially in warmer, sunnier climates, a brownish grayish stone color might just be the right option to take your house to the next level.

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