Courteney Cox's most impactful home gym accessory has nothing to do with sports – it's powerful enough to make or break a room

The actress's gym exhibits framed, abstract wall art, proving that prints can benefit practically any room in the home by providing a focal point

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When we think about wall art ideas, we typically consider common spaces like living and dining rooms, kitchens, or even bedrooms. Home gyms, on the other hand, are often left with blank walls, allowing the exercise equipment to take center stage in the space.

Courteney Cox has proven that even the most unexpected of spaces can benefit from some artistic decor. The Friends star and HomeCourt founder recently shared a video to her Instagram page of herself working out in her home gym, and we were immediately drawn to the large artwork hanging on the wall behind her. The black and white abstract work is handsomely framed in wood, providing some visual interest in her otherwise neutral and practical space.

According to experts, decorating with art is truly suitable for any space (yes, home gyms included), as it provides essential focal points in a space.

'Adding interest to your space with wall decor like art or framed photos is a vital step to complete the room – completely blank walls are never in style! But it’s really important that you get it right, as it can make or break the room,' says Danielle Castagna, framing, photography, and interiors expert at Level Frames.

While art selection is entirely up to personal preference, Castagna says that, first and foremost, the placement of the works is crucial.

'Eye level is typically the best height for hanging any kind of wall art,' she explains. 'Think about your focal point when deciding where to place your wall art - will this be the center of the room, or is it an addition? You should also consider what areas of the room look bare compared to others for opportunities to place your wall decor and balance the overall look of the space.'

We love how Cox placed her work in the corner of the room, which benefits from the large print among some gray equipment in the area.

Home Gym Design

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Scale is also a key factor when considering wall art ideas. Some of us prefer larger than life prints, while others may favor small works, or even gallery walls.

'Next to consider is size - too small can often look misplaced while too big can overpower the room,' Castagna says. 'There are no set rules and the best thing to do is judge it by eye, but generally avoid extremes like tiny photos on a huge wall or giant art on a small wall. Gallery photo walls can be a good solution, as you can tailor the number and placement of frames to suit the space.'

Finally, be mindful of the size of existing furniture (or, in Cox's case, equipment) when hanging wall art in a room, as it can determine which size prints will look best in the space.

'It’s a good idea to measure other furniture items to determine what space you’re working with before committing,' Castagna explains. 'It’s also worth experimenting with different placements, especially if incorporating multiple items until you find the right balance.'

For a failsafe starting point, we love these prints that, we believe, are versatile enough to work in every type of room, starting with a home gym.

We believe that hanging art in an unexpected or surprising room, such as a home gym, is a great way to infuse personality in even the most practical of spaces. We recommend incorporating a frame for more minimal prints so that visual interest is even more heightened.

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