Cruz Beckham mastered a warm Scandinavian aesthetic in his minimal living room, and experts love his unfussy style

Simple living rooms do not have to be bland or boring. Here's how Cruz Beckham created the perfect minimalist scheme

Cruz Beckham at Paris Fashion Week
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The Beckham family continues to dominate the headlines, not least because of the epic documentary on former footballer David, but also because of the impeccable fashion and interior design choices. Though the family has never given an official tour of their stunning properties, fans have gotten numerous glimpses as various members of their family have shared photos on social media – and the latest post from the youngest son Cruz Beckham reveals yet another look into the aspiring musicians home. This time, it is his minimalist living room that reaffirms that there is, indeed, beauty in simplicity. 

Unfussy, minimalist design is distinctive for several reasons: pared-back, unfussy, uncluttered spaces – and a winning combination of form and function create aesthetically pleasing, yet practical interiors. 

This pared-back Scandinavian aesthetic, as spotted in Cruz Beckham's living room, is back, but this time it's infused with mid-century modern style, texture, and a color palette that is serene and inviting. 

Here's why designers and decorators are championing this simplistic aesthetic for 2024 and beyond. 

With hectic modern lives, homeowners are constantly aiming to find a balance between elegant warm minimalism and cozy luxury for their homes, and the living room is the perfect space to start.

This design philosophy also centers around a sustainable and more efficient way of living. Minimalism itself is rooted in the principle of ridding your home of clutter and chaos. It is about harnessing the power of a 'clean' space that is limited to just a handful of key pieces and meaningful items.

Rarely will you see an abundance of clutter in a Scandinavian home. Instead, expect to see clean lines, minimalist furniture, and a focus on bringing colors found in nature indoors. 

The main purpose of a Scandinavian-style home is to improve daily life. Furniture is therefore not only about stylish elegance but also about functionality – it should serve a purpose and stand the test of time.

Select a few key pieces of furniture that look good but also work hard, paired with a few carefully chosen accessories, fittings, or soft furnishings to tie the room together. 

In Cruz Beckham's home, for example, a floating console table, a simple stool with minimal detailing, a wall-hung TV, a woven rug, and an off-white color scheme are stalwarts of this interior design trend. Remember to only make space for items and furnishings that you truly love.

‘Less is more,’ says Clair Hornby, head of creative at Barker and Stonehouse. ‘Let the furniture do the talking by complementing it with a few carefully selected cushions or decorating accessories to create a high-end minimalistic look and feel.’

When designing a simple living room, your chosen room color ideas can make or break the space.

Evoking purity and cleanliness alongside confidence and sophistication, white or off-white is a wonderfully versatile color choice for a simple and minimalist living room scheme.

This versatile neutral is one of the most popular paint trends for interiors, and it is easy to see why. Beige and white living rooms offer a blank canvas that illuminates dark living room spaces and can make even small rooms feel spacious and brimming with light.

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