Victoria Beckham uses this bedroom hue to promote a 'relaxing night's sleep,' doctors say

This tone's calming properties can help with winding down and achieving optimal rest – and it comes with Beckham approval

Victoria Beckham
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Is there any style more classic than a white bedroom? It's only natural to take design inspiration from fluffy clouds in the place where we slumber. We spend nearly a third of our lives asleep, so we are big advocates for creating a calm atmosphere. So, it's important we look to the right people for styling ideas. 

Enter – Victoria Beckham, who designed a space to help her and her husband, David Beckham, sleep better. Complete with crisp and textured whites and creams, from the walls to the luxury bedding – the bright, airy space certainly looks good. However, doctors say there is a deeper quality behind their bedroom color choices. 

'The color white is both a symbol of serenity and calm, often used effectively to create peaceful bedroom environments perfect for a relaxing night's sleep,' explains Dr. Jordan Burns DC, MS, a spokesperson from eachnight.

In addition to its soothing disposition, white can actually increase sleep quality (i.e., adding white linens to the chamomile tea and melatonin roster is highly encouraged).

'While white is frequently associated with calmness, the color's properties can, in fact, have a direct impact on your quality of sleep,' Dr. Burns explains. 'Due to its neutrality and simplicity, the color white stimulates your brain less than other colors, reducing the level of distraction and helping you unwind better before bed.'

While sheets and blankets are the obvious route to take when decorating a bedroom, think outside the bed – a white nightstand, softly lit lamp, or cream rug can be just as beneficial in creating a serene ambiance.

'For people seeking warmer, more complex colors, off-whites, and creams may provide the perfect balance of warmth and serenity you seek to bring your dream bedroom to life.'

A bedroom color idea with white walls, dove grey headboard, white curtains, cream throw and tarnished black-framed mirror

A white bedroom similar to the Beckham's space. 

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In the case of David and Victoria Beckham, their space is almost all-white, but we did spot some black furnishings that create a monochromatic contrast (a look that never goes out of style). We particularly love the spool ottoman, paired with the decorative chandelier, that feels effortlessly timeless. But this is Victoria Beckham's home, after all. 

Dr. Jordan Burns DC, MS

Dr. Jordan Burns is a chiropractor and author of 'Supercharge Your Sleep.'

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