Demi Moore's living room shows that a sofa can serve as a piece of art – here's how

The St. Elmo's Fire actress's sofa changes the entire look of her living room for the better

Demi Moore at the MET gala
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Demi Moore took to Instagram to share a photo of her adorable and extra tiny dog Pilaf, but as design enthusiasts, all we could look at was the sofa. The Ghost actress's living room furniture idea includes a bold jewel-toned couch with a geometric, 5-sided polygon design. 

The sofa pairs perfectly with Demi's neutral carpet, natural wood walls, and large windows. See how Demi More transformed her living room with this simple living room seating idea.

Jove Meyer, a New York-based interior designer, says that Demi's sofa color is brilliant. He states: 'Using a multi-colored geometric sofa in the living room has so many benefits, it is such a bold choice and not only serves as a sofa but also as art. When you have such a bold piece of furniture you can let the rest of the room be more subtle so it pops.'

jove meyer of jove meyer designs
Jove Meyer

Jove Meyer is a New York interior designer who crafts a vivid, colorful world for clients who dare to be different. Meyer set out to build a global design firm antithetical to his conservative and rigid upbringing by encouraging authenticity, celebrating diversity, and empowering marginalized communities. As a result, his work has been featured in Domino, Good Morning America, The Magnolia Network, The New York Times, and Rachael Ray Magazine.

Elizabeth Grace, interior designer at Dream Home Making, adds 'A multi-colored geometric sofa injects instant vibrancy into the space. Its bold and intricate patterns serve as an arresting focal point, drawing the eye and igniting conversation.' She continues, 'Such a sofa allows homeowners to infuse their living spaces
with a distinct personality. Geometric patterns evoke a sense of creativity and
individuality, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a departure from the

Elizabeth Grace on a grey background
Elizabeth Grace

Elizabeth Grace is an interior designer and furniture expert. She received her degree in Interior Design from the University of Notre Dame. Elizabeth landed her first job as an intern with a leading firm in New York City, learning from some of the city’s top designers. She currently works as an interior designer for both residential and commercial clients.

Furthermore, interior design experts say the layout of Demi's living room sofa idea greatly improves the look of the space. He says, 'In design, there is always a star piece and to help it shine there must be contrast, the geometric sofa shines because the neutral rug is so grounded and tame, it allows the sofa to really pop and be the focal point of the room. If you had a busy or bright rug it would compete and confuse the eye.'

Elizabeth Grace agrees with the fact that Demi Moore's sofa creates a visually appealing contrast stating: 'Interestingly, the boldness of a multi-colored geometric sofa can help balance a room's overall design. When surrounded by more muted or neutral tones, it serves as a striking contrast, preventing the space from feeling too monotonous or flat.'

Jove continues, 'Natural light warms a space and this geometric sofa, it gives it a subtle glow and elevates the pattern and colors of the sofa, and as the light changes throughout the day the sofa dances with it and brings it to life.'

If you love how Demi has created art with her living room sofa, read our guide on how to buy the right couch for a small living room to learn how to recreate the magical effect in any space.

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