This unique storage solution 'sits like a sleeping giant' in Dominic West and Catherine FitzGerald's castle kitchen

Dating back to 1200, the actor's home is the perfect backdrop for the most unusual of antiques – starting with this cabinet

Dominic West
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Antiques have a place in every kind of home (no matter how contemporary a property may feel), but in some instances, a room lends itself perfectly to historic furnishings. The latter is the case with Dominic West and Catherine FitzGerald's abode.  

Known as Glin Castle, the ancestral home of West's wife, Catherine FitzGerald, is a fitting backdrop for eclectic antiques – most notably the main cabinet in their vibrant yellow kitchen. The Irish castle, with roots in the 13th century, is a celebration of bygone years, stretching from the 1200s to the 1700s, as is the case in this room. 

Designer Robert Holton, who shared his observations with Glin Castle's Instagram, describes how the 'spice cabinet of mammoth proportions sits like a sleeping giant in the kitchen [in] Co. Limerick', alongside the yellow painted wall that's impossible to overlook. 

'Few if any, Irish interiors embrace a vivid 18th-century color palette like that found at Glin. Here, it serves to enliven antiques, art, and ancient objects amassed by generations in the most effortlessly brilliant way,' he says.

When it comes to kitchen storage, it's unlikely we're ever going to find anything quite like West's spice rack, but this is one of the most exciting parts about decorating with antiques. It should not be a case of investing in the exact same piece, but should, instead, encourage us to shop for unique pieces that turn our kitchen storage into talking points. 

Naturally, the space has approval from the likes of Holton, but he is not alone in his admiration for the power of historic furnishings (in rooms beyond the kitchen). 

'Antiques come in more unusual shapes and sizes and often include quirky little details that can bring instant joy in a way which an off-the-shelf piece of furniture doesn't,' comments Camilla Clarke, Creative Director of interior design studio Albion Nord. 

Camilla Clarke
Camilla Clarke

Creative director at London-based interior design firm, Albion Nord, Camilla Clarke has worked at some of London’s leading interior design practices. Clarke uses her artistic background to influence her interior designs on everything from contemporary penthouses to Georgian homes.

'Antiques are just examples of design that have stood the test of time. By the very fact that they are 100+ years old and could still work in a scheme, I personally find it hard to choose anything else,' adds Ottalie Stride, the Creative Director at the aforementioned company. 

'The scars tell tales of the life each piece has led. They add a sense of establishment and when paired with more contemporary pieces, really add soul to a space. They allude to a sense of inheritance and history passed through the generations but also, in a more literal sense, add depth and richness in color to our schemes, which are predominantly light and fresh.'

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Inspired by the beauty of Glin Castle's kitchen, these antique finds will elevate even the most modern of kitchens. 

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