Eva Longoria's entryway is a minimalist masterpiece – perfect if you are not yet over the 'quiet luxury' trend

Eva Longoria's California-meets-Scandi-cool home is surprisingly practical, despite its pale tones and minimal canvas

Eva Longoria
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Minimalism and 'quiet luxury' are two interior design trends that go hand-in-hand, so it comes as no surprise that actor and entrepreneur, Eva Longoria has adopted them in her home. 

This combination of minimalist decor and luxury, or 'warm minimalism' as we like to call it, can be tricky to get right. Designing and crafting a pared-back space that also exudes luxurious comfort can be a hard balance to strike, but with careful consideration, it can be achieved.

Decorating with white is often the default for a minimalist room, however, this can often leave spaces feeling cold, especially if the white is a brilliant or cool white. Opting for a scheme of warm neutrals such as stone tones, beiges, and creams will ensure the room feels relaxed and inviting, which is important when it comes to living rooms.

Instead, embrace natural materials and curvaceous design, as Eva Longoria, along with the design team at ARCA Studio, a company specializing in stone, porcelain and wood, have done to great aplomb in this contemporary home.

When designing a warm minimalist entrance, it is important to remember that materials matter. It is a wise idea to add warmth to the room with structural materials. You can do this with a wooden floor, wood-paneled walls, or wooden ceilings. Timber not only provides the structural skeleton of many houses but brings a special quality that ensures a space remains timeless and sophisticated. 

For us, natural wood never fails to bring character and luxury to an entrance, but its greatest advantage is its versatility. It can be used on walls, floors, storage, and as furniture. For a modern look choose textured finishes that show rough marks of the bandsaw for a distinctly rugged effect. Paler treatments, such as bleached oak, limewashed wood, and timbers with gray tones are also in demand. 

Another fantastic choice in Eva Longoria's home is the use of curvaceous design. Previously, minimalists favored sharp lines and minimal color, but these days, curvilinear design combined with traditional minimalist design has taken over. 

Organic lines are shaping up to be big news in our homes for 2023, softening our sanctuaries into more cosseting spaces. 

‘This interior design trend is all about creating a cocooning environment that will help you unwind physically and mentally,’ says Mandarin Stone’s creative director Louisa Morgan. Curves are abundant in nature, so there is a biophilic link at play. 

‘On a simpler level, curves serve as a welcome relief to the straight lines and hard edges typically found in modern homes.’ 

Jennifer Ebert

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