Gwen Stefani's never-ending yard embraces rewilding – with these pollinator-friendly, expert-approved blooms

The singer's Oklahoma estate is a vast sanctuary filled with zinnias and dahlias – here's how gardeners replicate her look

Gwen Stefani
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Gwen Stefani may be best associated with the fast-paced glamor of her music career, but her home life is notably more serene. The singer resides in a therapeutic ranch in Oklahoma, along with her husband and The Voice counterpart Blake Shelton – and their natural estate is a fitting celebration of its rural zipcode. 

Most recently, Gwen shared a look around her (seemingly) never-ending backyard, filled with red, pink, and purple zinnias and dahlias that later adorn her dining room. Far from manicured, the flowers are left to grow vastly and freely in the sprawling garden – but the space certainly doesn't appear unkempt. Instead, it epitomizes the ever-popular rewilding trend that returns land to natural habitats and invites wildlife into our yards. 

Allowing flowers to grow more freely, just as Gwen demonstrates, allows native plants and animals to support and sustain one other, but it's also a natural way to fill our yards with color – and zinnias and dahlias are an inevitable starting point.

When seen in a garden like Gwen Stefani's, it's hard to dispute the beauty of these vibrant flowers. But how can we care for them in our own backyard? 

Gardening expert Tony O'Neill reassures that we don't need a space as vast as Gwen's to care for these flowers. Both zinnias and dahlias are reasonably easy to care for, but with the right tips, you can ensure they grow healthier – and last even longer.

'Starting with zinnias, these sun-loving annuals thrive in well-drained soil. Give them ample sunlight for healthy and abundant growth, and maintain a regular watering schedule. Be careful not to overwater, though, as they're susceptible to mildew,' Tony says. He also recommends deadheading zinnias to promote continuous blooming throughout the season.

Tony O'Neill
Tony O'Neill

Tony O'Neill is an accomplished gardening expert, author, and educator. With a passion for simplifying gardening practices, he has inspired a wide audience through his popular YouTube channel and website Tony's expertise empowers individuals to cultivate thriving gardens and connect with nature.

'Now for dahlias – these perennials love a sunny spot too but prefer a little afternoon shade in hotter climates,' Tony explains.

'Enrich your soil with compost before planting and provide them with low nitrogen fertilizer [such as this fertilizer from Amazon] to encourage robust blooming. Stake larger varieties for support, and most importantly, be vigilant for slugs and snails fond of these beauties.'

And, in case we need any more convincing, Tony, too, notes that these flowers are perfect for creating an eco-friendly garden – fitting seamlessly in a rewilded space while creating a safe space where insects can thrive.

'Remember, both zinnias and dahlias are fantastic for attracting beneficial pollinators to your garden, adding beauty, and contributing to the local ecosystem,' he says.

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