Gwyneth Paltrow creates a 'spa-like' kitchen using these soothing, expert-approved design features

The Goop founder's studio-style kitchen is a calming atmosphere thanks to the timeless use of white and marble

Gwyneth Paltrow
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Spa-like spaces in the home are typically reserved for bathrooms. As a room for bathing and body care, it makes sense that design and facilities are often modeled after spas themselves, with inclusions such as lush towels, scented candles, and neutral-colored decor. 

Gwyneth Paltrow – always an innovator in the health and wellness realms – has just proven that the kitchen can be as serene as a spa. In a recent video posted to her Instagram account, the Goop founder and The Talented Mr. Ripley star showed off her bright, white studio kitchen, which is both airy and bright.  

'Cooking is therapeutic for me,' Paltrow states in the caption. 'Setting the mise-en-place, tasting and tweaking the recipe as I go, the aromas that emerge as flavors blend —it’s meditative. I wanted this studio kitchen to feel serene, almost like a spa.' 

White kitchens are eternally popular due to their clean appearance and versatility with decoration. However, it can also inadvertently make an (at times) chaotic space like a kitchen into an oasis.

'White's calming properties make it a natural fit for any serene space,' says Homes & Gardens' digital editor, Jennifer Ebert. 'Gwyneth Paltrow has combined this soothing color scheme with an open plan kitchen, which really elevates the spacious and calm ambiance.'

While varying size constraints may not allow for a studio-style kitchen in every home, Ebert recommends a few tricks for making a kitchen feel as spacious and open as possible.

'Kitchen islands create clean lines in a kitchen while also providing space for storage, prep, and even seating,' says Ebert. 'Utilizing a luxurious material, like marble, takes it to the next level: while clutter is tucked away, the luxe finish creates an atmosphere that is reminiscent of relaxing and refined spa spaces.

A white marble kitchen with a wooden island and metal light fixtures

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When considering how to make a kitchen more relaxing, lighting is also an essential element in ensuring a space retains its zen.

'Dimmable lights are key to a calming kitchen,' Ebert explains. 'Harsh overhead lights only heighten what can sometimes be a high-stress room, so ambient lighting is the way to go. For a softer look, try table lamps.'

Finally, as is the case with any white room, a variety of textures can enhance a room's welcoming (and therefore, calming) ambiance.

'Brass fixtures, such as the subtle ones on Paltrow's stove burners, along with wood floors or cutting boards, can create a simultaneous coolness and warmth that feels balanced,' Ebert explains.

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