Hailey Bieber's 'California Casual' living room is simultaneously fun and sophisticated – take the tour

Hailey Bieber masters whimsical modern design in her chic living room

hailey bieber modern living room
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Hailey Bieber has always been a step ahead in setting the latest interior design trends, so it’s unsurprising that her modern living room is especially chic. The model and wife of musician Justin Bieber took to Instagram to share a mirror selfie in her home’s contemporary den. Swipe to slide four to catch a glimpse. 

The selfie shows the former Hailey Baldwin posed in front of a large mirror in her living room wearing an adorable little sundress (we even found an Amazon dupe!). Behind her, we see a warm and inviting modern space. Notable features of the room include an abstract piece of art, a sculptural white vase, and gently curved furniture. A rattan rug, chair, and footstool add a natural touch to the room. We consulted the experts to hear what interior designers had to say about Hailey’s uber-cool living room.

Interior designer Bridget Desroches of Interiors by Bridget describes Hailey’s living room as the perfect embodiment of ‘Californian comfort.’ She says the California Casual trend is defined by ‘informal furniture, natural materials, and a focus on comfort that add texture and depth to the space.’ Bridget goes on to say that these interiors ‘often have an earthy vibe with natural fibers and plenty of wood furniture and accents... It's a minimalist aesthetic that is easy on the eye. It reflects warmth and comfort.’

interior designer bridget desroches of designs by bridget
Bridget Desroches

Bridget Desroches is a Franklin, MA based interior designer. She launched her website in 2013 to allow clients to bring their ideas to life online and eventually began to offer her own expertise. Bridget holds a degree in Residential Interior Design from the Art Institute and a BBA in Computer Information Systems and Communications from Baruch College.  She is a proud board member and director of membership for the American Society of Interior Designers of New England.

In terms of what’s to love, the experts had a lot to say. Bridget Desroches tells us ‘I love the warmness and coziness of the space not only reflected in the physical elements but also the soft level of lighting. The natural elements are easy on the eyes as well the fabrics chosen for the rug and chairs look soft and cozy and ready to make anyone feel they want to relax. The wood elements appear to have soft edges in a natural wood tone that blends well with the tones of the fabric and artwork.’ 

Rudolph Diesel, a London-based interior designer, especially enjoys the colors and the curves of the room. He says ‘The beige and pastel colors create a calming effect in the room; the color scheme is typically associated with neutrality, simplicity, and naturalness.’ Furthermore ‘The curved furniture is a statement of the high-end nature of the aesthetic and gives a sense of fluidity and movement in the room.’

london-based interior designer rudolph diesel
Rudolph Diesel

Rudolph Diesel is the founder of Rudolph Diesel Interiors, a property marketing and design house based in West London. He has Public Relations qualifications and a BBA in marketing and branding. He is the principal interior designer for prestigious property development firms throughout London.

By bringing together organic shapes and neutral colors with more eclectic touches like the painting, Hailey Bieber creates a space that is both casual and elegant. Shop the edit below to recreate Hailey’s style.

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