Jennifer Lopez guarantees privacy with a planting technique that turns her backyard into a secluded sanctuary

J.Lo uses a gardener-approved sowing method to ensure her backyard is an ultra-private oasis – and it translates to yards of all sizes

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As one of the biggest names in music and film, Jennifer Lopez understands the importance of privacy better than anyone. It makes sense that the actor, singer, and dancer wants her home to be a private escape. J. Lo's yard perfectly embodies this aim.

The multihyphenate's backyard is verdant and secluded. Emerald green grass stretches across the lawn, pushing to beds holding towering evergreen trees. The whole garden is surrounded by shrubs of a staggering height that enclose the space. Aside from their beautiful look, these hedges go a long way in guaranteeing privacy for the actress.

'When looking to create a sanctuary in your backyard, using evergreen hedging is a great way to screen boundaries and create an enclosed, safe haven in which you can garden, relax or workout, as Jennifer Lopez likes to do in her yard,' says Thom Rutter, Gardening Editor at Homes & Gardens. No one can see inside, and there are aesthetic benefits.

thomas rutter content editor at Homes & Gardens
Thom Rutter

Thomas is a Content Editor within the Gardens Team at Homes and Gardens. He has been working as a gardener and garden writer for several years. Whilst completing his Horticultural Traineeship at the Garden Museum, London, he was able to gain experience at many of the UK's world-famous gardens, including Sissinghurst, Lowther Castle, and Iford Manor. Following this, he worked for two private estates in Tuscany, Italy.

Are you interested in recreating Jennifer's ultra-private landscaping method? Rutter has all the tips you need to emulate the look. He says: 'Many of the best privacy hedges can help to do this, with yew, beech, or laurel just some examples of hardy, fast-growing hedges that can create green boundaries in your yard.'

Furthermore, he says, beyond privacy there are other reasons that hedges make a mood-boosting addition to any yard space. Rutter states: 'Incorporating hedging in your yard, whether evergreen or deciduous, can also help to support your local wildlife, with birds and pollinators seeking shelter and food in the green growth.'

As for maintaining your J.Lo-esque backyard look, he cautions, 'Many birds will make their nests in hedges during the spring breeding season, so it is always best to put the hedge trimmer away at this time and enjoy the tweeting sound of young chicks.' However you choose to turn your yard into an oasis, care for local wildlife is essential.

Hedges can be a beautiful and natural alternative to costly fences for maintaining privacy with the added benefit of promoting wildlife. Jennifer Lopez's private backyard is the perfect inspiration.

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