Jennifer Lopez's front porch color has a 'sense of sophistication' that 'other colors can’t quite match'

This neutral is classic for a reason: here's what following suit can do for our house value, according to real estate leaders

Jennifer Lopez
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It's hard to find a bad word to say about white, both in regard to interior and exterior design, but all for a good reason. 

This neutral will struggle to ever fall out of favor, not least because it complements every property style and serves as the most versatile of backdrops. It is unsurprising, therefore, that this color has approval from Los Angeles' elite, including singer Jennifer Lopez and actor Ben Affleck. 

Jennifer recently posted a photo from her front porch where a gray front door and paneled flooring compliment the all-important white-painted façade. It's a color combination that, real estate experts say, has economic benefits beyond its aesthetic. 

'A white front porch has many incredible benefits, especially when it is complemented with a dark gray paneled floor,' comments Josh Dotoli, the principal of Dotoli Group. 'The contrast between the light and dark colors helps create an inviting and visually appealing space that can immediately make guests feel welcome.' But there's much more to this timeless neutral. 

'The color combination of white and gray offers an upscale look that boosts curb appeal. When paired on your front porch, these colors make your home look more sophisticated and modern than traditional brown or earthy-toned porches,' Josh says. 

Furthermore, while Jennifer Lopez is surely not contending with a particularly compact space, these colors have a size-enhancing quality that will elevate those small front gardens

'This specific color combination makes the area appear larger than it is by creating an illusion of extra space due to its high reflectivity rate in natural sunlight – making any small front porch suddenly seem bigger,' he explains. 'Plus, if you install outdoor furniture such as rocking chairs or a bench for visitors, they'll look even more spacious under this unique all-white light effect.'

Josh Dotoli
Josh Dotoli

Josh Dotoli is a real estate writer and principal of Dotoli Group – a company engaged with the buying-selling industry. Josh and his South Florida-based team handled over 200 million South Florida residential real estate transactions in 2022 and works alongside COMPASS, the country's #1 residential real estate brokerage. 

White porch

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When it comes to adding value to our property, Josh explains that it can be hard to put an 'exact' figure on this color's cost benefits – but its appeal among potential buyers is indisputable. 

'From an economic standpoint, using white paint on your front porch can positively impact your property's resale value. While there is no exact science behind how much painting with this particular color helps increase value, studies have found that neutral shades such as white are typically seen as more desirable by potential buyers than bolder or brighter shades,' he says.

'Furthermore, painting with a lighter hue will help emphasize the architectural details in homes from various periods, which could factor into whether someone decides to buy.'

Time to enjoy this color's benefits? Our go-to paint brand, Backdrop, has a beautiful white exterior paint (available below), and samples are only $3.

Supermoon Exterior Paint | Sample $3 at Backdrop

Supermoon Exterior Paint | Sample $3 at Backdrop

Backdrop's purest, cleanest white is an almost perfect color match to Jennifer Lopez's. We love this formula because it applies easily and washes seamlessly – meaning it will impress for longer.

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