Estate experts say Joanna Gaines has enhanced her home's curb appeal with this 'sophisticated' porch color

Once again, the Magnolia designer nailed modern farmhouse style, only this time, she took it beyond her four walls

Joanna Gaines
(Image credit: Joanna Gaines x Magnolia Home Castle Collection)

Think of Joanna Gaines, and images of her classic modern farmhouse interior style are likely to follow suit. The designer has spent years redefining this look via Fixer Upper and across her social media, making her a leader when it comes to this ever-popular aesthetic – and this all begins before we enter her front door. 

The Magnolia co-founder recently shared a snapshot of the pared-back Halloween decorations on her front porch, and while we've already made a note of her understated decor, real estate experts are even more excited about her chosen porch paint colors. 

Joanna has chosen to paint her front porch white, and while this choice is safe, it's by no means boring. Instead, real estate experts say this versatile hue can boost every home's curb appeal, improve our house value, and, of course, allow us to achieve that all-important modern farmhouse style, too.

A white front porch exudes timeless elegance and sophistication. It conveys a sense of classic charm and cleanliness, making the home appear inviting and well-maintained,' explains Wisconsin-based estate agent Rick Gruebele. 

When it comes to adding curb appeal, Rick explains that a white porch, like Joanna's, stands out against other colors – 'drawing the eye and leaving a memorable first impression on potential buyers.'

'Curb appeal is essential in attracting prospective buyers and can lead to a quicker sale at a potentially higher price,' he explains. Plus, while Joanna may have opted for the modern farmhouse look (by pairing her white porch with a black glass door and industrial-style outdoor light fixtures), this color is versatile enough to suit every style.

'White complements a wide range of architectural styles, from colonial to modern. This adaptability market is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to maximize the aesthetic appeal of their porch while maintaining broad market appeal.'

Real Estate Expert
Rick Gruebele
Real Estate Expert
Rick Gruebele

Rick is a broker and owner of Visions First Realty agency serving Northern Wisconsin and the surrounding areas. He delivers the enthusiastic values of integrity, diversity, knowledge, and outstanding client service into his projects and is able to help with any real estate buying and selling needs, from first homes to investment or commercial property. 

With its timelessness and versatility considered, it's easy to understand why a white porch has the potential to add value to our home. However, as Rick explains, impressing buyers comes down to even more than this paint color, so it's important to invest in Joanna-inspired lighting and greenery, too.

'While the color of the front porch is just one element of a home's overall appeal, it can positively impact the house's value. A well-maintained, aesthetically pleasing front porch can contribute to a higher perceived value among buyers,' he comments. 

'Nevertheless, it's essential to consider the overall condition and presentation of the property and the local real estate market when assessing the impact on house value. While the color scheme of the porch is a crucial element, it should be considered as part of a broader strategy to improve the overall aesthetics and marketability of the property.'

As we mentioned, we first penned our appreciation for Joanna's porch after seeing her understated Halloween decor, best demonstrated through the white pumpkin by her door. We've found these alternatives that are so chic, you'll want to keep them around come November 1st. 

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