Jon Bon Jovi's minimalist shelving system brings a clean and curated look to his neutral kitchen

The singer has cookware and dishes on display in his minimalist kitchen – a design move that is both trendy and timeless

Jon Bon Jovi
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It's a big year for Jon Bon Jovi. Though the rock singer was in his heyday in the '80s, he's been making a big in 2024 with his new documentary, Thank You, Goodnight: The Jon Bon Jovi Story now streaming on Hulu, and a new album, Forever, due out on June 7th. 

His music may exist in a nostalgic period, but his home has a modern, open feel thanks to one kitchen staple: open shelving. In a recent Instagram post, the Livin' on a Prayer singer showed off his sleek, minimalist kitchen, featuring a white-tiled backsplash, a marble kitchen island, and open, glass shelves displaying stainless steel cookware and ceramic plates. It has a clean and timeless appearance, benefiting highly from the easy access of the shelving system.

Open shelving is a popular choice in interiors, from the living room to the bedroom, but in the kitchen, it reaches ultimate levels of sleek presentation and practicality.

'Open shelving creates an airy and refreshing look in the kitchen, making the space feel larger and more inviting,' Tina Priestly, refresh expert and owner of Ready, Set, Refresh. The shelves offer space to showcase personal objects (including decorative crockery) or store a curated selection of pots and pans, as Bon Jovi demonstrates. 

Alternatively, Priestly recommends mixing and matching dishes, cookbooks, and decorative items to create a personalized and aesthetically pleasing display. These carefully curated items can also be within arms reach, so a blend of display items and items that are used every day is a plus.

'One of the best benefits of open shelving is easy access to your kitchen essentials,' Priestly explains. 'No more digging through cabinets – everything you need is at your fingertips!'

things that make a kitchen look cheap/white kitchen with marble countertops, dark wood open shelving, nickel fixtures and fittings

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Variety is key to ensuring that open shelving maintains appeal; this means an array of sizes, compositions, and object types, from basic cookware to beloved kitchen accessories and trinkets.

'Combine different textures and materials, like wood, ceramic, and glass, to add visual interest,' Priestly suggests. 'Create balance by alternating between taller and shorter items. Use symmetry to maintain a clean and organized look.'

Priestly also recommends incorporating some greenery via potted herbs, which are perfect for cooking needs, or small plants to brighten up shelves. Above all, customization is encouraged – so go simple and practical like Bon Jovi, or personalize the shelves with sentimental cookbooks and glassware that beg to be displayed.

Below, find some items that look fantastic (and are kitchen essentials!) on an open shelving unit.

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