Julianne Moore's living room combines minimalism with a mid-century modern style – experts say this look is 'pure perfection'

Mid-century modern style is back again and looking fresher than ever

Julianne Moore
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When it comes to interior design trends for living rooms, there is a modernist aesthetic breaking through this season. Warm minimalism and mid-20th-century influences abound (think wood and slim legs) and black notes are key. 

A minimalist living room, similar to actress Julianne Moore's below, is easy to recreate – and when it comes to interior design and styling, less can often mean more. 

This interior design trend centers around the belief that it’s important for human welfare to be connected to nature; these days, a lot of people miss that in their lives. This new, warmer minimalism, combined with mid-century modern decor, is much about using materials that activate the senses – when you walk on a wooden floor, you hear your own footsteps; or when you walk on a soft carpet, you feel cozy and warm. It’s not really minimalist – you can use decorations from time to time – but it’s always in an essential way.

‘A combination of warm minimalist design and mid-century style is pure perfection,’ says Clair Hornby, head of creative at Barker and Stonehouse. When curating a warm minimalist living room, you can't go far wrong with mid-century modern furniture. With their classic looks and pared-back style, mid-century modern style is enduringly popular – and it is easy to see why this look is revered so highly, even now. 

Spanning the decade between the Thirties and the Seventies, these simple shapes were inspired by earlier design movements, including the Bauhaus school in Germany. Materials such as molded plastics allowed many of the world's best interior designers to explore new materials, colors, and forms.  

Despite the development of innovative new materials such as plastic, fiberglass, and laminates, timber sustained popularity throughout the mid-20th century. Furniture designers favored durable hardwoods, such as cherry, maple, teak, and beech. 

However, minimalism can go wrong, very quickly. You'll want to ensure that you still maintain an element of warmth and coziness. The best way to do this is with solid wood and timber. 

Exuding warmth, and famed for its enduring, classic beauty and durability, solid wood is still one of the most popular materials to use in an authentic mid-century modern living room. For true mid-century modern appeal, invest in streamlined timber pieces with tapered legs.  

Invest in similar well-built pieces to the ones seen in Julianne Moore's home. Made to stand the test of time, these pieces are leading the way with their iconic good looks, which are key factors for mid-century modern décor with a warm minimalist edge.

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