Kate Hudson's colorful glassware transforms a picnic table from 'mundane to magnificent' – and we're using her technique all summer

The actress's glasses add vibrancy to the outdoor dining and picnic experiences, making for a trend-forward summertime accessory

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It's picnic and patio season, and with that we are able to dust off our outdoor tableware. In theme with the sunny time of year, we are big fans of colorful accessories, whether they be picnic blankets, napkins, or glasses.

We've got some inspiration for the latter from none other than actor-turned-singer Kate Hudson. The How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days star recently shared a photo to her Instagram page of her backyard picnic, and we love her set-up. Hudson sits on a patterned, blue blanket, surrounded by wood bowls and charcuterie plates, and most notably, a blue, glass pitcher and wine glasses.

An extension of the dopamine decor trend, rainbow-hued glasses are a fantastic way to infuse some vibrancy into everyday objects, particular in summer months when outdoor dining and entertaining are common occurrences.

'Colorful glassware, like the blue pitcher and wine glasses seen with Kate Hudson, adds a layer of sophistication to any setting,' says designer Nina Lichtenstein. 'The vibrant hues not only catch the eye but also reflect light in a way that clear glass cannot, creating a mesmerizing display. Blue, in particular, evokes feelings of calm and serenity, perfect for a relaxing outdoor picnic. The subtle yet striking presence of these pieces can instantly transform your picnic table or blanket from mundane to magnificent.'

Lichtenstein says that the charm of using colorful glasses is its ability to bring some cohesion to outdoor decor.

'By choosing glassware that complements your outdoor setting – whether it’s a lush garden, a sandy beach, or a rustic park – you create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere,' she says. 'Pair a blue pitcher and glasses with white linens (or white and blue like Kate), wooden serving boards, and fresh flowers to create a picturesque picnic setup that feels both curated and comfortable.'

While Hudson has opted for all-blue glasses, Lichtenstein says that incorporating other colors can contribute to a fun style. This extends to other dishes, too.

'Don’t be afraid to mix different colors and styles of glassware,' she says. 'A combination of hues can create a playful and dynamic table setting. Pair your glassware with textured plates and serving dishes to add depth and interest to your table or blanket.' We're tapping into Hudson's aesthetic for the entirety of this picnic season (and beyond, when we bring this inside, naturally).

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