Kate Hudson's living room palette exudes 'calm, strength' and 'cleanliness,' according to color psychology

Creams and beiges make for a calming living space that's unlikely to ever fall out of style, say experts

Kate Hudson
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Elegance and sophisticated style seem to run in the Hawn-Hudson family. Between Goldie Hawn's simple but timeless white kitchen cabinets and daughter Kate Hudson's unique double kitchen island, it's safe to say that the mother-daughter actors have as much talent as they do taste in interiors.

Recently, the How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days and Almost Famous star posted a video of her singing in her living room, and though her vocals are on display, we couldn't help but notice the chic backdrop.

The expansive space features translucent, beige, linen curtains, white walls, and cream sofas, complemented by the warmth of a wood fireplace and a sheen of gold, hanging mirrors. The result? A neutral living room that is anything but boring.

Decorating with neutrals in a living space remains a popular choice for a reason: these soft colors that comprise the muted palette can reduce stress and provide a serene atmosphere.

'From the shade of the paint on the walls to the color of your soft furnishings, [colors] have the power to transform how you feel,' the experts at Salt and Steel state. 'Using subtle, muted neutral tones such as beige offer the perfect solution according to color psychology.'

The experts explain that since they are rooted in nature, brown and beige tones exude a sense of calm and strength, while white's pure energy brings with it feelings of newness and cleanliness.

The translucent curtains and mirrors in Hudson's space, in particular, stand out for one common reason: they reflect and let in natural light, which is an integral element of a neutral space, as the experts explain. 

White living room with mix of old and new furniture

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'Exposure to natural light is integral to mental and physical wellbeing, proven to boost vitamin D, improve sleep quality and enhance productivity and focus,' they say.

'Introducing natural light into the home can be as simple as introducing reflective surfaces such as coffee tables or mirrors or removing internal window coverings. Additionally, those looking to maximize natural light in a single room can replace dark furniture and features with lighter objects, wall colors, and ceiling colors to ensure more light passes through the room, creating a brighter, warmer environment.'

In Hudson's case, we love how she balances these subtle tones with black accents, including the dark curtain pole, which creates a monochromatic juxtaposition in the space. It allows her to keep her space interesting without compromising on these soothing benefits, and it's a look we're ready to bring into our own living spaces at the next available opportunity. 

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Below, we have carefully selected some neutral pieces to lighten up living spaces.

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