Westminster Abbey's Christmas tree is a surprising source of holiday decor inspiration this year – and it doesn't use any ornaments

The Prince and Princess of Wales unveiled the timeless Christmas decor in Westminster Abbey. It's going to be a huge hit this holiday season.

Kate Middleton
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Westminster Abbey is one of London's most iconic historic sites, so its Christmas decor should be iconic too. Recently, Kate Middleton took to Instagram to share the beautiful decor at the gorgeous church. We tend to lump holiday decor into strict categories: modern or traditional, monochromatic or colorful. However, the Christmas Decor at Westminster Abbey transcends categorization: it is at once simple and minimalist with a vintage flair.

The Princess of Wales's Instagram photos show a classic green Christmas tree wrapped in warm yellow lights and dotted with large red poinsettias. Not overly sparkly or metallic, the red and white tree embodies a classic and regal take on Christmas decor. At the same time, the minimal level of decor, lack of traditional holiday ornaments, and choice of one focal concept, the poinsettia, give the tree a contemporary feel.

Interior designers say that this type of traditional yet understated Christmas tree design will reign this holiday season. According to a study by Hiatt Hardware, 'Vintage Christmas Decor' is one of the biggest trending styles this season, with over 31.1 million searches on Google and TikTok combined. This look incorporates classic Christmassy colors and motifs, including red, green, and white alongside symbols like the poinsettia. 

If you are interested in recreating this look in your own home, Ryan Calvert, product expert at Hiatt states: 'It’s perfect because it complements most, if not all, wood and metal finishes, so it will easily match your existing home decor.'

ryan calvert at Hiatt Hardware
Ryan Calvert

Ryan is a product expert at Hiatt Hardware, where he specializes in pairing the company's finishes with other elements of interior design. This holiday season, he predicts that all-pink Christmas decor and vintage Christmas decor will be some of the biggest interior trends.

Homes & Gardens's Head of interior design, Hebe Hatton adds, 'I absolutely love the simplicity of this tree. Using only lights and poinsettias highlights the beauty of these flowers, while their traditional color and shape keep the tree from feeling too modern. In a centuries-old building like Westminster Abbey, this Christmas Tree theme strikes a cool balance between contemporary style and the many years of history in the space.'

Hebe Hatton
Hebe Hatton

Hebe is the Head of Interiors at Homes & Gardens; She has a background in lifestyle and interior journalism and a passion for renovating small spaces. You'll usually find her attempting DIY, whether it's spray painting her whole kitchen, (don't try that at home) or ever-changing the wallpaper in her entryway.

She continues, 'In a modern living room, I think a tree like this could add a Christmassy warmth while not straying too far from the design style of the home.'

Recreate the Look

For those of us who dream of spending Christmas in London, a poinsettia-covered tree is an easy way to recreate the decor in one of the city's most beloved sites. Plus, it's Kate Middleton-approved.

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