Kate Moss uses these summer flowers to attract bees into her garden – the beneficial blooms symbolize love (and are so easy to care for)

Bright pink blooms make a bold impact in the supermodel's garden – experts say they have benefits beyond aesthetics

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Icons recognize icons. Naturally, Kate Moss, the world's most legendary supermodel, loves cosmos flowers, a legend in the gardening world.

Images of Moss's garden were shared by her holistic beauty brand, COSMOSS, with the caption: 'Cosmos growing wild in Kate’s garden. The late summer wildflower symbolizes love, harmony, and joy in life.'

According to the brand's website, Moss gains consistent inspiration from her garden, and it's clear why. The feathery pink blooms are absolutely gorgeous. According to gardening experts, the plants are wildly popular because of their numerous visual and environmental benefits.

Moss's flower choice is popular firstly because of its strong aesthetic appeal. 'Growing cosmos flowers bring an ethereal beauty and simplicity to a garden, symbolizing harmony, beauty balance, and joy, so a perfect flower for Kate’s outdoor space,' says Rosebie Morton, award-winning flower farmer at The Real Flower Company. Shane Dibbs, planting expert and Director of Seed Barn, adds: 'Cosmos flowers add vibrant color and a playful, feathery texture to your garden. The tall, delicate stems and wide range of colors, such as pink, red, white, and orange, can create a vibrant display in your garden, perfect for the summertime.

Rosebie Morton
Rosebie Morton

Rosebie Morton is a flower farmer and the founder of The Real Flower Company (RFC), a Hampshire-based luxury florist that specializes in English-grown scented roses and flowers. She has been recognised as an early trailblazer in the sustainable flower farming industry. Morton has been growing roses since 1995.

Aside from their beauty, planting cosmos seeds has functional benefits for your garden. Dibbs tells Homes & Gardens: 'They are also great at attracting insects like bees, butterflies and pollinators. This not only helps in pollinating other plants in your garden, but also supports local ecosystems and biodiversity.'

Furthermore, it's easy to recreate Kate Moss's look: these flowers are incredibly hardy. Morton states: 'They are one of the few annuals I bother to grow because they fill the garden with flowers all summer long and are incredibly undemanding.' Dibbs adds, 'Cosmos are robust, they can grow in poor soil and can tolerate droughts, meaning they’re a great plant for beginner gardeners. They need to be watered minimally, meaning you’re not having to spend all your time in the garden and can still enjoy the beauty of cosmos flowers.'

Pink cosmos flowers in bloom

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If you're ready to get started adding cosmos to your wildflower garden, you're in luck. We got Morton and Dibbs top tips to make growing the flowers easy. Morton tells H&G: 'They can be sown directly in the garden or started in a seed tray and then planted out. They thrive in hot sunny places, requiring minimal care other than regular watering until they are established.'

She continues, 'Then, their only demand is to deadhead them regularly which will reward you with masses of flowers which you can appreciate both in the garden or as a cut flower to enjoy in a vase. What more could you want?.' Dibbs adds: 'Tall varieties of Cosmos flowers may require stalking to prevent them from falling over, particularly when it is windy. Use stakes or supports to help keep them upright.'

Whether they become a fixture in your garden, or are just another flower you use to add a pop of brightness to the vase on your dining room table, it's undeniable that cosmos flowers are one of the most iconic blooms of the moment. Kate Moss sure thinks so.

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