Katherine Heigl ensures her bedroom is simultaneously soothing and interesting with this decorating technique

The Grey's Anatomy star utilizes texture to create visual interest in her soft and serene space

Katherine Heigl
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For most of us, the bedroom exists as something of an oasis, a space to unwind and escape the chaos of daily life. It makes sense, then, that neutrals are an eternally popular color palette choice for these intimate rooms, with their calming disposition and serene feel.

Grey's Anatomy and 27 Dresses star Katherine Heigl is a fan of such hues, as evidenced in a recent Instagram post. The rom-com favorite showed off her simple yet chic neutral bedroom in a reel, featuring textured butter yellow walls, cream bedding, an antique-inspired gold bed frame, and a beige, textured throw.

According to experts, neutrals are such a mainstay in the bedroom because of their ability to serve as a blank canvas, allowing for subtle changes in style and aesthetic, so it's no surprise that celebrities are continually impressed by their flexibility and ever-enduring power. 

'This adaptability makes neutral decor a safe choice for homeowners and designers alike, ensuring that the bedroom's aesthetic remains fresh and relevant over time,' says Ilaria Barion, owner and CEO at Barion Design.

Beyond their longevity, decorating with neutrals is an excellent hack to make a smaller space feel expansive and open.

'Neutral colors have the unique ability to make spaces appear larger and more luminous,' Barion explains. 'They reflect natural light beautifully, contributing to a sense of openness and airiness in the bedroom. This is particularly beneficial in smaller bedrooms or those with limited natural light, where darker or more vibrant colors might make the space feel cramped or oppressive.'

To avoid a neutral space looking too flat or uninteresting, experts recommend layering different materials to maintain some visual interest – a decorating technique that Heigl has mastered perfectly. 

'Layering different fabrics, rugs, etc., brings in textural appeal and prevents a dull monotony,' says designer Artem Kropovinsky. 'Use natural materials,' such as woods, metals, and stones, for warmth and character.'

Neutral bedroom in 17th century barn in Dorset

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We're particularly fond of Heigl's combination of soft and hard fabrics, from her sturdy, brass bedframe to her smooth, linen bedding. The assortment of pillows also creates dimension on the bed (and allows for peak comfort). 

The actress also keeps the color interesting through the limewash paint finish that brings yet more texture and a timeless, European-style aesthetic to the soothing space. It's a look designers have already flirted with for years but is set to see a continued resurgence this 2024, and Heigl's space is the perfect inspiration point. 

Ilaria Barion

Ilaria has been shaping luxury real estate staging since 2005. In New York City, she quickly became the go-to for luxury properties. Then, in 2010, she founded Barion Design, formerly Virtual Staging LLC, pioneering virtual staging. 

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Below, we have rounded up some neutral bedroom pieces that are sure to expand and brighten up any space. 

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