Katherine Heigl proves last year's biggest color trend has longevity – and she makes her case with this simple accessory

The 27 Dresses star keeps things light in the living room with a fluffy white blanket and pink pillows, tapping into the dopamine decor movement

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We may have reached the height of pink decor with the Barbie-core trend last year, but for those still thinking pink, fear not; dopamine decor has swooped in to preserve this pretty hue.

Need proof? Katherine Heigl recently posted a photo to her Instagram page (accompanied by adorable dogs), sitting on her living room floor in front of her sofa, which is decked out with a fluffy white blanket and perfectly pink pillows.

The pink accents tap into a playful energy that is currently dominating interior trends and it's one that not only looks visually pleasing but can make us feel energized.

'Dopamine décor relates to the idea that your interiors can positively impact your mood and, in turn, make you feel happier,' says MADE’s head of brand, Hollie Parkinson. 'Adding certain colors (and patterns) into the home like bright yellows, oranges, and pinks, can leave you feeling more energized, whilst blues are said to help you feel calmer and more productive.'

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Accents are the answer for those hesitant about introducing bright hues to their living spaces. Just as Heigl has balanced her pink pillows with a white blanket, we can always tone down pops of color with accompanying neutrals.

'Although brighter shades may sound daunting at first, it’s completely up to you how maximalist you want to go with it - whether that’s adding a statement sofa, or simply updating your cushions to add a splash of color,' Parkinson says. 'Try to focus on sourcing pieces that you truly love, whether it's a fun playful accent chair or a piece that evokes feelings of positive nostalgia when you look at it. The aim is to fill your home with an eclectic mix of items that simply make you feel good.'

In the living room in particular, Parkinson recommends trying the inverse of Heigl's space as another option (i.e. trying a pink sofa with neutral pillows).

'The living room is the most sociable room in the home, meaning it needs to be welcoming but not over-stimulating,' she states. 'Opting for a colorful sofa is a great way to inject life into the space, giving you a base color to work around.'

Alternatively, Parkinson says an accent chair works nicely as well.

'[It] is an easy way to bring color and personality to a space; it can then be dialed up or toned down with your choice of cushions and throws.'

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