Kendall Jenner's unique light fixture follows a growing celebrity trend – designers are calling it a 'new take on wall sculptures'

The model's luminous art installment makes a stylish statement, and it's making the rounds in celebrity homes

Kendall Jenner
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It's no secret that well-planned, ambient light can instantly transform an interior space. Setting the mood and lending a cozy feel to any space, layered lighting is one of the most sought-after elements of a successful design scheme. We're all familiar with the classic lighting setups, from chandeliers to sconces and table lamps to overheads. But celebrities, often one step ahead in terms of trends, are introducing unique, characterful lighting into their homes – and these fixtures don't fit into classic categories.

Model and reality star Kendall Jenner's home features a warm, oval-shaped fixture that exudes ambient light throughout the entire space. Emitting pink light, the wall-mounted light (seen in the third photo of the carousel below) is just one example of the emerging celebrity lighting trend that designers love.

Calling the lighting design movement 'a new take on wall sculptures,' the experts say there's much to admire about these characterful takes on lighting a space.

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Interior experts say this whimsical take on lighting a home makes clever use of wall space, and adds a touch of artistry. Though also perfect to include within a gallery wall or feature on its own in a central location of the living room, Kendall's light fixture is placed in a strategic location.

'The elegant shape of this light fixture works beautifully with the soft archways that define Kendall's space. A statement on its own, the piece benefits from the room's otherwise simplistic design scheme. Warm lighting also makes a home feel more welcoming and inviting, making this piece a smart choice in many respects,' says Homes & Gardens editor Jennifer Ebert.

Kendall's space proves that there's much more to lighting a space than picking out fixtures – it's all about complementing the rest of your design scheme and creating an inviting atmosphere you won't want to leave. And when the lighting you pick is a piece of art in its own right, you're left with an elevated, chic design scheme that'll impress guests and make your home feel more like you.

'Using unexpected wall lighting as both a source of illumination and a way to add visual interest to your walls is a really clever decor trick,' says interior designer Kathy Kuo. 'The effect is that of the wall being filled really intentionally, but in a way that doesn't overwhelm the eye.'

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In another stunning example of this burgeoning celebrity trend – though a much more rustic rendition – Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds incorporated a trellis-like light feature into their Tribeca apartment's living space. Behind a cozy gray sectional, a grid-shaped sculpture with affixed light bulbs illuminates the space with a warm glow. Alongside a large piece of artwork and a wooden coffee table (complete with an in-progress jigsaw puzzle), it offers a fitting finishing touch for a comfort-forward living room.

'Ambient lighting, such as that provided by the trellis decor, significantly enhances a living room's overall look and feel. This type of lighting creates a warm and welcoming environment, perfect for relaxation and social gatherings. It casts a soft, diffused glow that eliminates harsh shadows and creates a cozy, intimate atmosphere,' says Nina Lichtenstein, founder and principal designer at her eponymous firm.

'The downward-hanging bulbs from the trellis add layers of light that can highlight specific areas or features of the room, contributing to a well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing space. By incorporating such ambient lighting, the Reynolds' living room achieves a harmonious blend of functionality and style, making it a comfortable and visually appealing sanctuary,' she continues.

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Get creative with your space's lighting scheme, using unique shapes and diffused light sources, for a charming look that's fit for your unique taste and style. Whether you opt for a nearly neon look like Kendall, or an inviting rustic look like Blake and Ryan, eclectic lighting is sure to level up your living space.

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