Kim Kardashian's beige bedroom color has a shockingly bold effect – experts explain her secret

A neutral color has a paradoxical effect in the socialite's bedroom. Interior designers unpack the impact of the shade and how to recreate it

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Though bright colors can be striking, there's just something about neutral interiors. Subtle, subdued colors can lend a calm feeling to any space and work especially well for the bedroom. Kim Kardashian's sleep space serves as a successful, if extreme, example of how these colors shine.

An Instagram post from the SKIMS founder reveals she has opted for a monochromatic beige color palette for her bedroom ideas (Slide 6). Cool, beige floors lie underneath a large marble platform, atop which sits Kardashian's bed cloaked in, you guessed it, all beige bedding. Behind the bed, beige marble walls and beige ceilings create continuity. The caption: 'Things at home that make me happy,' reveals the extent to which this style is essentially Kim.

While the idea of an 'all-beige room' seems incredibly boring for room color ideas, the execution is anything but. In fact, Kardashian's brilliant color-drenching technique actually adds a lot of visual interest to her neutral bedroom

Kathy Kuo, acclaimed interior designer, tells H&G: 'When you're intentional about it, going monochrome with a subtle neutral hue is a great way to make a design statement that reads as bold, rather than subdued.' In other words, the intriguing color drenching technique paradoxically makes Kardashian's space stand out more than it would if she used a variety of beige and brown shades. Monochrome is the new color mixing.

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Kathy Kuo

Kathy Kuo is a celebrated interior designer and international guru within the home and lifestyle space. She has 20+ years of experience in the design industry. 

Furthermore, Kardashian's designer keeps the socialite's space appealing by mixing a variety of materials in her beige bedroom. Kuo states: 'I love how Kim seems to be having fun with mixing and matching textures in this striking bedroom design. Because there's not much variance in the color, the textural contrasts stand out all the more, and really pull the eye in a unique way.'


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If you are interested in replicating this look in your own home, start with your color and work backward. Like Kim, focus on a cohesive use of one color in every part of the room, from floors to the ceilings. To keep it interesting, be sure to bring in subtle moments of contrast through alternate materials and textures.

While monochromatic interiors can be difficult to pull off, this neutral trend has the ability to look unbelievably chic. Kim Kardashian's home is the perfect inspiration.

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